Part three opens with Charis going to see Beck again while Gladys is at the club, running things. She attempts to seduce him, however he once again rejects her advances, but Gladys then comes home and finds her young husband in a compromising situatuion. Kendra and Karina spend the day together and Kendra is shocked when Karina tells her that after she and Guy marry they plan on moving for away. She later talks to Guy about the matter, which he confirms. Wendy and Ivan are once again reuinted when their father, Frederick, passes away. Abbigail tells her children it happened just as they returned from their visist. Ivan and Haleigh come to town again, pick up Derek, Wendy and Marlo and head to the funeral and to comfort Abbigail.

Meanwhile, Gregg has noticed that Alton and Neve have been spending alot more time together than usual and suspects that they are dating. Max tells him to ignore it but he pursues and discovers something shocking. Floyd recieves news as he is promoted to Governor. However, his new job requires him to sepnd more time away from his family and he fears he will miss the birth of his second child. Gillian assures him that he will be there for the birth. Gladys and Beck then hash it out and she tells him that even they say their age isn't a problem, it is. Beck then tells her is really isn't he professes his love for her again and says there is no one he loves more than here, and the boys.

Gregg then confronts Neve about her relationship with Alton, she confesses that they were seeing each other, however, she ended it when she discovered she was also pregnant. Gregg and Max are so taken aback by the news they don't know what to do. Neve tells them she and Alton are no longer dating and will not be getting married. As Derek, Wendy and Marlo return from the funeral, Gregg informs them of the situation. Derek makes his disappointment in his son known. Wendy tells him that as long as he loves the child as his own, there is no need for concern. Neve then tells her fathers she will take care of the baby. Kendra then tells Guy that she doesn't want him to leave and he says that he needs to grow up and move on.

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