Part two begins with Gillian resting with a slight baby bump. Kendra, Karina and Roberta begin making wedding plans. Gladys continues to believe that Charis has something else planned for her sudden interest in Beck. She then tells her to back off and leave her family alone. Charis shoots back that Gladys is a grand-mother that Beck will eventually tire of. She then leaves visibly upset.

As Neve becomes ayoung adult and prepares to move out Gregg and Max say their goodbye's to their daughter. Derek and Wendy, then recieve a visit of their own, from Frederick and Abbigail. Wendy is initially cold towards them for making her miss so much time with Derek. They come to meet their grand-daughter. Gladys then confronts Beck about her meeting with Charis.

He tells Gladys that Charis is only interested in him because when Paula passes away he and Billie will get part of the fortune Arsenio left to Paula. He then tells her he loves her and always will. Gladys, now reaffirmed, tells Charis off. Charis, keeping her cool, coldly replies with a "we'll see." Wendy is then suprised as her parents appolgize for what they did to Derek and Wendy, they accept the appology.

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