Part nine opens with Eli and Kendra getting ready for thier rehersal dinner. They get all dressed up and head to Derek and May's who have offered to throw the dinner for the happy couple. Floyd brings Patrice to the dinner, she leaves Lyle with Paul. Wendy arrives at the dinner alone and appears to be upset. Agnes arrives with Jack and Ruth comes alone and is disgusted with Jack. Derek asks Wendy what is wrong and she tells him that she misses Jude and that she found him clingy but did care for him and that she just hates being alone. Derek and Wendy hug, as May watches from afar.

The rehersal then begins May then pushes Wendy down. Wendy yells at her and tells May that she is the worst thing to ever happen to Derek. May then calls Wendy a whore and storms off. Just as the night seems awful Agnes makes a startling announcement, she is pregnant with Jack's child and Kendra's half-sibling. Kendra is so weirded out by this she runs off from the home. Ruth then leaves in silence as she is so shocked. Floyd walks Patrice home and kisses her good night. As she walks inside her home she finds Paul on one knee promisisng to do right by her this time and he asks her to marry him again.

Wendy then goes to Derek and appologizes for all the mean thing she said to May. Derek then tells Wendy to leave, which she does. She then goes home and calls Gregg to talk. Eli then talks to Kendra and tells him that she should be happ that she is going to have a little brother or sister. Kendra says that she is happy but she is upset that Agnes is the child's mther as her best friend Gregg truly loved her. Eli then tells her that when they are married he will do whatever it takes to make her happy.

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