Part seven opens with Floyed finally getting a job. He becomes a massage specialist at the local spa. He then goes over to Patrice's and tells her the good news, she is happy for Floyd. Kendra and Andre begin having regular "meetings" behind Eli's back. She feels bad because she loves Eli but is beginning to fall for Andre. Wendy is shocked to learn when she goes into work that Jude has quit and left town, Wendy then gets a promotion and Jude's old job. Kendra's mother Ruth pays her ex-husband a visit and tells him how she feels about his relationship with the much younger Agnes. He tells her to buzz off and get her own action. Derek and May continue their love-less relationship. May's parent's leave town and tell May and Derek that they would have no problem with them marrying someday.

Wendy then goes over to Derek's to catch up and is confronted by May who tells her that Derek is busy and can't be bothered, obviously a lie. F loyd then makes another suprise trip to Patrice's with a plan to take her out for a lovely night on the town, but when he arrives he finds himself intruding on family time with Patrice, her ex-husband Paul and their son Lyle. He then leaves, embarassed. Kendra then comes to a decision she decides to call it quits with Andre and to marry Eli. Andre is upset and tells Kendra that she will regret it later. May then tells Derek that she would like them to have a child together. Derek then reaches a breaking point and screams at May.

Wendy then notices that Gregg has gone missing she calls him and he informs her of where he is at and that he'll be back soon. Kendra then runs into Agnes and her father on a date. Kendra suprisingly tells Agnes and her father that she is happy for them. Floyd is on his way home from work when he is attacked by Patrice's ex-husband, Paul who tells him to stay away from Patrice and Lyle because he's working on them becoming a family again. Floyd tells Paul tha he has grown to care for Patrice and that he will continue seeing her. Derek then goes to see his father who suprises his son with the fact that he has begun dating again, since the death of his wife, Derek's mother.

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