Part five begins with Floyd informing Gregg he saw Agens on a date, with Jack. Gregg is devestated and confronts Agnes and asks if she was seeing him when they were still together, she happily tells him she was indeed. Gregg then tells Agnes he wants nothing more to do with her. When Kendra recieves news that Agnes has begun dating her father she is disgusted by their age difference. She talks to her father about it, telling him that she doesn't like it. Jack then gives Kendra a choice: He'll stop dating Agnes if she calls off her engagement with Eli. Kendra then leaves and tells her father to enjoy his new relationship. Derek then spends the day with Gregg and Floyd. They question him as to why he spends almost no time with them anymore. He tells them he is busy at work, when really it's because of May.

Wendy and Jude then begin living together, she quickly becomes annoyed with Jude's clingy behavior. She then tells herself she neds to do this for her career. Floyd and Patrice then hit a bump in their relationship when Patrice tells Floyd that she is divorced and has a son named Lyle. Floyd thinks of ending his relationship with Patrice but decides to continue seeing her and tells her he would one day like to meet her son. Patrice is elated to hear this. May then fights with Derek as she saw him with Floyd and Gregg that afternoon where he blew her off. Derek tells her he needs to see his friends and not just her. They get into a serious fight and Derek thinks of breaking up with May but remembers that Wendy is seeing Jude, he decides to stay with May.

Floyd arrives home from his date with Patrice to find Norma and Gillian at his home, upset. He learns that Orson has passed away. He comforts his mother who is devestated by his death. Gillian tells Norma and Floyd they are welcome to come to the funeral. Gregg then goes for a walk to clear his head and sees Agnes with Jack making out on a park bench. Gregg confronts Jack in a fight, which Jack wins. May's parents Flora and Dale Haller arrive in town and stay with Derek and May. They immediatley take to Derek. In turn Derek enjoys their company and wonders why May isn't like her parents. He then learns this is because Dale and Flora are May's adoptive parents, she has never met her biological parents. Derek then tells May that he has fallen in love with her.

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