Part four starts off with Orson's daughter coming over to the Rebuff house to talk and have lunch with Floyd. They share an afternoon of laughter and fun as they talk about their parent's dating and how it's some what weird for them. Floyd then leaves to gon his date with Patrice. They have a good time and the evening ends with a kiss. Floyd is excited that he has met someone. Eli's parents, Horace and Dawn, then come to town for a visit and to meet their daughter-in-law to be. However, when they arrive they inform their son that they do not dis-approve of him getting married they simply just do not care for Kendra and her family. Eli tells his parents he loves Kendra, they tell him they do not care and they do not support their marriage.

Gregg then realizes he needs to move-on with his life and needs to forget Agnes. He calls Derek and asks if he wants to go out. Derek tells him he can't as he promised to spend the night with May. Gregg then begins to wonder why Derek spends such little time with him and their other friends anymore. Wendy is then asked by Jude to move-in with him. She is blind-sighted with the question and coldly tells him no. Jude then takes offense to this and leaves upset. Wendy, fearing for her job, runs after him and accepts the offer. Derek then tells May that he would like to meet her parents, whom she has never mentioned. May then becomes nervous and attempts to change the subject. Derek then tells her to invite them to town for a visit as he would like to meet them. She tells him she will...

Floyd and Patrice then have another date, but Patrice is running late and Floyd runs into Gillian who hersef was just stood up. she and Floyd then get to talking and realize they have alot more in common than just their parents dating. Patrice arrives and quickly becomes jealous of Gillian. Floyd then informs her that Gillian will at most be a step-sister to him. He and Patrice then enjoy their evening and then see Agnes on a date... with Kendra's dad, Jack!

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