Part two opens with Derek getting a call from Floyd to hang out. Though Derek wants to see his friend he regretfully informs him that he can't hang out. He tells Floyd that it's because he has more work to do at the lab, but it really is because he is honoring his promise to May. Kendra then tells Wendy she would like her to be her maid of honor at her wedding to Eli. Wendy agrees but then poses the question "should Kendra ask May to be a brides maid as well?" Floyd is then forced by his mother to meet her new beau Orson. Floyd is crude to Orson on purpose which upsets his mother and causes Orson to leave in a fuss. Norma then confronts her son and tells him if he doesn't find a job she'll throw him out.

Gregg tries to talk Agens into them getting back together, she tells him that she is done with him and there is no hope in them regonciling. May then tells Derek that she wants to meet his father, Steven, Derek is hesitant but agrees and invites his father over for dinner to meet May. Wendy continues to be the object of her bosses, Jude's, attention. He firmly ask her out on a date. Feeling like she will be fired or mis-treated if saying no, she accepts. Floyd then goes to Orson's home and speaks to him about hoe he mis-behaved when meeting him and to not blame his mother for his attitude. Orson then resumes dating The following night Steven Siddle arrives at Derek's for dinner and to meet May.

May is nothing short of a lady and charms Steven. Steven then puts the idea of marriage in May's head. Derek then begins to think the night was all a bad idea and leaves, angering May and dis-appointing Steven. Gregg Makes one final plea with Agnes and shocks her with a marriage proposal, she gladly rejects. Wendy then goes on her date with Jude and amazingly enjoys herself. She finds Jude to be witty and nice. They then share a kiss. Orson then arrives over at the Rebuff home for lunch so that Floyd and Norma can meet his daughter, Gillian. Kendra and Eli continue with their wedding plans and Kendra reluctantly asks May to be one of her brides maids, May accepts. Jack, Kendra's father, then arrives to talk his daughter out of her engagement, to no avail.

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