The first part opens with Kendra Copper being proposed to by her longtime boyfriend, Eli Bear, she gladly accepts. Kendra then informs her best friends, Derek Siddle, Floyd Rebuff, Wendy Jule, Gregg Chalk and Derek's girlfriend May Haller, of her engagement. Her friends are happy for her. Gregg then goes home to his angry girlfriend, Agnes, she confronts him about how she is extremely un-happy in their relationship. She then breaks-up with him and kickes him out of their home. Gregg then moves in with Derek, which upsets May as she enjoys her alone time with Derek. May and Gregg then argue, Derek breaks up their fight and sides with May, upsetting Gregg further.

The following day Wendy begins her first day of work at the hopital, she is greeted by her boss, Jude Appleton, who she notices begins to hit on her. Wendy rejects his advances and wishes to say something but fears she will lose her job if she did so. So she continues to allow him to objectify her, in order to keep her job. Floyd then begins looking for a job but is un-successful in finding one that he enjoys, he then returns hom to his mother, Norma. He is upset when he learns that his mother has begun seeing a sim named, Orson.

Derek then goes to visit Wendy after her first day of work and lightly flirts with her. Just enough so she doesn't get the wrong idead as Derek has always had feelings for Wendy since they were children. She then thanks him for coming over and he then leaves, happy. May then argues with Derek for spending too much time with Wendy and his other friends, and not enough time with her. Derek then promises May to spend a little less time with his friends and more time with her. Kendra and Eli then begin making wedding plans, when Kendra's mother, Ruth, comes over to voice her opinion on how they are too young to be getting married and that Kendra is making the same mistake she made. Kendra then tells her mother she is marrying Eli, with or without her support.

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