Ribbon Heights is a town that will center around five sims. With the end of the Pineview stories, Ribbong Heights will become a new drama-oriented set of stories.

Main Characters

Name Duration
Derek Siddle 1.01-Present
Kendra Sharp 1.01-Present
Floyd Rebuff 1.01-Present
Wendy Siddle 1.01-5.07
Paula Lillian 6.07-Present
Ivan Jule 6.01-7.10
Gregg Chalk 1.01-Present
Gladys Kell 3.09-Present
May Haller-Urschel 1.01-1.10 (recurring)
2.01-6.05 (regular)

Recurring Characters

Name Duration
Agnes Copper 1.01-4.10
Norma Siddle 1.01-6.04
Eli Bear 1.01-3.07
Jack Copper 1.02-3.01
Gillian Almaszidah 1.02-Present
Steven Siddle 1.02-4.03
Elsie Copper 2.01-Present
Kline Urschel 1.10-6.05
Andre Sharp 1.07-Present
Marnie Siddle 1.10-Present
Rupert Urschel 3.03-Present
Wilbur Kell 5.10-Present
Maxwell Lord 2.03-Present

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