Rhett Yellow is a sim in the town of Pineview. He is the son of Pritchard Yellow the former love-interest of Joanna Quarren, during her and Jed's separation. It is un-known whois mother is. He doesn't appear until late in TNG storylines as the renewed love-interest and fourth husband of Dahlia Alido. They quickly fall in love and have a park wedding.He attends Faline's party when his daughter, Jan Alder, froma previous union appears. Causing tension in his marriage to Dahlia... (Cliff-Hange

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later it is revealed that Dahlia has come to terms with the fact that Rhett has a daughter. They are still married. Jan has moved in with them. Rhett's character does not develop until Jan, who was at the time sleeping with the married Davis Schwann while dating his divorced son Jacque Schwann, is killed in a fire started by a vengeful Emma-Lee Schwann. He is the first character who loses a child before he dies. He goes into a state of immense grief and has sorrowful breakdowns. Dahlia, like her mother, then begins having second thoughts about her marriage. But unlike her mother she ultimately decides to stick it out with Rhett.

However, Rhett tells Dahlia he would like to have another child since Jan is now gone. But due to their elder age she can not bear him another child, biologically. She tells him they can adopt a child, though she doesn't want to raise another child. He rejects the adoption idea and tells Dahlia that he thinks he should leave her for a younger woman who can give him another child. Dahlia is ditraught by Rhett's idea and tells him she wants a divorce. They then split up. Rhett then begins his search for another woman.

He then runs into Esme Jugo. They go one a date which culminates in him asking her to marry him. She hastily agrees and after their wedding she becomes pregnant. Esme later gives birth to twin daughter, Lenore and Lucille. Rhett is overjoyed that he has new children. Then hortly after Jan's mother and Rhett's ex comes to Pineview to gain closure on her daughter. It is then revealed that Ms. Alder is Harper. Her maiden name was Alder. She then reconciles with her ex-husband Davis and re-connects with Percy.

Rhett, spends as much time with his daughters as he can. However, time catches up with him and he soon passes away with old age as the twins become toddlars.

Rhett Yellow
Name Rhett Yellow
Gender Male
Life stage Elder

Parents Pritchard Yellow (father; deceased)
Mystery Sim (mother)
Spouse(s) Dahlia Alido (ex-wife)
Esme Yellow (wife)
Harper Alder (ex-lover)
Child(ren) Jan Alder (daughter; deceased)
Chica Chung (step-daughter)
Lenore Yellow (daughter)
Lucille Yellow (daughter)

Neighborhood Pineview

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