Ralph Grendel
The Rustic Ralph






Epitah Writer
Power Broker
Over-Seer of the Dead
Burial Specialist


Ralph Halcoyn (father's surname)


William Halcoyn (father; deceased)
Daria Grendel (mother; deceased)


Winston Halcoyn (half-brother)
Marylin Kincaid (half-sister)
Roxy Crowley (half-sister)


Sandra Grendel (wife; deceased)
Natalie Crenshaw (wife)


Karen Collins (ex-girlfriend)
Lucia Reyes (ex-girlfriend; deceased)
Mona Halcoyn (one-night-stand)
Sandra Kramer (ex-fiancee; deceased)
Samantha Denver (ex-lover)
Natalie Crenshaw (ex-girlfriend)
Hillary Archer-Jordan (ex-girlfriend; deceased)


Haley Kramer Grendel (daughter)
Emma Grendel (daughter)
Ray Jordan (son)
Amanda Campbell (step-daughter)


Derwood Halcoyn (nephew)
DeDe Halcoyn (niece)
Myrtle Crowley (aunt)
Stan Crowley (uncle)
Mona Halcoyn (sister-in-law)
Olivia Kramer (sister-in-law)
Elaine Holt (sister-in-law; deceased)
Dorian Holt (nephew)
Chris McCain (brother-in-law)


Ralph Grendel is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point. Ralph has always been someone trying to survive the drama in his life. He is known for having discovered his true paternity, assuming leadership of his father's company, discovering he has 3 siblings, having had his daughter(s) be kidnapped (one at birth). All this, plus, he was one of few characters to have had a marriage endure all this until her (Sandra's) death.


Ralph shows up after his mother, Daria Grendel, asks him to come to town to visit. He initially comes to town to scare William Halcoyn into fixing Winston Halcoyn and Mona Halcoyn's fractured marriage. However, William doesn't and it is revealed that years ago Daria and William had an affair and it resulted in the birth of Ralph. This makes Ralph, Winston's half-brothe. He also lays claim to the Halcoyn fortune. However, before Ralph learns of his and Winston's relation he console's Mona, who is staying with Daria. In a moment of weakness he tells her that he was enaged once but it broke off. They then share a kiss as Winston looks on from a window. Eventually Daria reveals Ralph's tru paternity and he becomes upset with her and apologizes to Mona. When Mona gets her own place he goes to see her and they try to level their relationship and end up making out. Ralph then spends the night with his sister-in-law. After their night together he leaves because he knows that Mona and Winston really love each other. Ralph then manages to make things right with Winston when he tells him that at the time he kissed Mona he didn't know they were related. Winston believes his story but since he has been poisoned by William against Mona he refuses to believe Mona loves him. Ralph later gets a job at the cemtery, which used to be Ed Stone's old job. He then goes to tell Mona the good news and she tries to kiss him. he rejects her advances and tells her that they can't do that anymore. She is emotional but asks Ralph to be her date to Derwood's birthday party. She agrees and they arrive together, as doe Winston and Catherine Andrews. Winston suspects that more happened between Mona and Ralph than just a kiss. Ralph and Mona's brief and hidden romance is ended when Rosanna Halcoyn, returns and exposes the evil William. Ralph then leaves his nephew's party. He tells his mother he is in town to stay.

Lucia Reyes, then one evening goes to visit her late husband's grave in the cemetery and spots Ralph as he is working and immediately begins to fall for him. He begins to ignore her constant phone calls and visits to his home because he feels that their age is too different for them to date. However, after speaking to his mother and believeing that love can be found in the most strange of places he gives Lucia a chance and their first date goes well. They then begin seeing each other, secretly. Due to his break up with Mae, Lucia decided to keep their relationship from Escobar because Ralph is slightly younger than her son. Though they are happy they, mutall, break up because neither see a reasonable future together. Ralph then becomes extremely nervous when Mona reveals that she is pregnant and honestly doesn't know if Ralph or Winston is the father. She learns that Cassidy Free is investigating them because Winston feels they did more than kiss, which is correct. Ralph then discovers that William and Daria are dating again and becomes disgusted but regretfully attends a party the two throw. While in attendance he meets Karen Collins, a sous chef and caterer. He knocks her down on accident and the two share an instant and intense connection. Eventually Mona comes clean to Winston who throws Ralph out of his life, even though it is revealed that Winston is in fact the father of Mona's baby, DeDe. Ralph then begins to date Karen and learns that Karen has taken a newly divorced Mona and DeDe on as roommates. He and Karen then fall in love. However, his ex-fiancee, Sandra Kramer, calls Daria and it is revealed that Ralph and Sandra were more than just engaged they have a child and Ralph is behind in a payment. Daria then confronts her son and demands to know who and how old her grand-child is. It is then revealed that Ralph has a daughter named Haley.

Eventually Sandra and Haley arrive in town. They share an awkward reunion and Sandra apologizes for her affair that resulted in their break up. It is clear that the two are still un-doubtedly in love with each other but at the time Ralph was with Karen. Sandra reveals that at Daria's request that they are staying in town and that he should tell Karen that he has a daughter. After some hesitation the truth comes out to Karen and they break up as the secret was too big to overlook in Karen's book. Ralph and Sandra maintain a friendly relationship towards each other and when he takes her and Haley to meet Winston, they walk in on the end of his wedding to Mary Ann Werner. After the introductions Ralph introduces Sandra as his fiancee and after they leaves Sandra asks if he is sure about marrying her. He then gets down on one knee again and proposes, she accepts and he tells her he has forgiven her. Then then man who basically raised Ralph, Victor Beckett, and Daria's ex-husband arrives for a visit. He has sobered up and it is revealed that Roxy Crowley, who Ralph thought was his cousin is in fact his half-sister byt his mother and Victor. Daria hid her because she didn't want to be tied to Victort forever as he was abusive. So she gave Roxy to her sister and her husband, Myrtle and Stan. This causes a rift between Ralph and Daria but eventually they reconcile. When William dies he leaves the position of POwer Broker of Halcoyn Communications to Ralph to hold until Marylin (his other half-sister) reaches the age to take over.

Initially Rosanna and Winston try to get him to step down and give the position to Winston, who has earned it but Ralph says he would like to see if he can do a good job. This angers Rosanna, and leads to her death. However, Winston understands and wishes his brother well and tells him he'll see him around the office. Ralph and Sandra then decide to throw out all their lavish wedding plans and have a small private ceremony with only their daughter, Roxy and Daria present. After that the three become a family. However, their happiness becomes severely threatened when Kevin McCain, Sandra's ex-lover, shows his face in town. He reveals to Sandra that he still loves her and wishses to have her back. Ralph later learns of his return and he and Sandra remain united in the thought that he is no longer a threat to their lives as they love each other. This is later dis-proven as Sandra admits to Harry Repel, that she may still have lingering feelings for Kevin as she thinks of what might have been. During this time, Daria learns that she is dying sue to her old age. Eventually Daria succumbs to her elderhood and passes away which makes Ralph extremely emotional and weak. He then begins to become depressed and during all this Kevin and Sandra ahve yet another encounter in which he tells her he knows she still is thinking about him. This leads to Sandra confronting him at the hospital and they engage in a feroious argument that ends with them making out, only to be interrupted by Reggie Andrews, who has a vendetta against Kevin.

Sandra confronts both parties and tells them to keep quiet and professes her love for Ralph to them. However, when Reggie himself is stung by Harry's betrayala with Justin Baxter he decides to spare Ralph the pain he had and tells him of their kiss, partly to also get back at Kevin. This leads to Ralph and Sandra arguing and eventually separating. Ralph then tells Sandra he wishes to make their marriage work but is shocked when she believe he wants a divorce. Their marriage is about to collapse on itself but it is spared by the arrival of Sandra's sisters, Olivia and Elaine, along with Elaine's son, Dorian. They try to help their sister and repair what has happened between her and Ralph. Eventually after Ralph speaks to Elaine about her divorce from Dorian's father, Morty Holt, he realizes that he and Sandra are being fools and they reconcile. After they get back together they announce their plans to have another child. Then one day when Sandra vomits she believes she is pregnant, before she passes out. To Ralph's shock it is Kevin who manages to revive Sandra and she is taken to the hospital where she is diagnosed as very ill. Then they meet dr. Monica Bremmer, whom Sandra picks to be her successor as she believes she is going to die. Monica later reveals that she is a lesbian. Eventually Sandra does recover and as she and Ralph leave the hospital Monica reveals that Sandra's latest test tells her that she is in fact pregnant. The couple then engage in a period of peace as they await their new bundle of joy.

Un-known to them at this time, Catherine, fakes a pregnancy in the hopes to keep her husband, Ethan Irving, from straying. When her adoption plan fall through she turns to Monica Bremmer who suggests that they could steal the Grendel's child. Catherine immediately takes to the idea despite that they are friends and gains weight to appear pregnant. When sandra does go into labor, Cathy puts her plan into effect. Monica assist with the birth and hands the child off to Catherine and tells Ralph and Sandra that she gave birth to a stillborn daughter, when in reality their daughter is in the care of Ethan (who has no idea that the child isn't his) and Catherine as their daughter, Emma Irving. This news devestates Ralph and Sandra and as a result they begin to close off from each other and drift apart. As Sandra becomes nearly comatose< Ralph strays and, begins an emotionless affair with Samantha Denver, a single mother who runs the local community center. Coupled with this, Sandra learns thatnher younger sister, Elaine and her husband have been killed in a freak disco ball accident and that they left custody of their now teenage son, Dorian Holt, to Sandra and, ralph. Ralph then openly admits he has been sleeping with Samantha to Sandra, who collapses on their kitchen floor, in a sob. Soon though, Samantha realizes she is just a tool to numb Ralph's grief and, ends things with him, telling him he needs to BE THERE FOR Sandra.

During this time, Haley and, Franky Werner had begun looking into the death of her sister and, the birth of Franky's. As they get close to discovering the truth, they along with Emma are kidnapped. With the news that their other child has been abducted both Sandra and, Ralph snap out of their depression and, reunite to find their daughter. when the kidnapper attempts to garner a ransom, Catherine only pleads for the release of Franky and, caught in her web of lies, Catherine, with a guilt ridden Monica, confess to the fact that Emma is the Grendel baby. Everyone turns against Catherine and, Ralph intends to pursue charges against catherine but, sandra drops them, only wanting the safe return of her children. Soon all 3 children are returned safely and, Sandra and Ralph forgive each other and resume their family, now with Dorian living with them. Haley and, Franky begin dating and, though Sandra doesn;t see the problem, Ralph is against the relationship, fearing that Franky is just like his mother, he forbids HAley from seeing him and, orders her to break up with hIM> Ralph later physically assaults franky, which causes Catherine to come to her son's defense but, Ralph threatens FRANKY AND< Catherine that if he doesn;t leave Haley, he will press charges against her again, sending her to jail for what she had done. With this, Sandra, asks for a divorce saying that Ralph has changed, she has never seen him so cold and, utterly controling. Haley and, Franky then plot to run off together.

However, Ralph had asked Dorian to keep an eye on his cousin and, her boyfriend and, Dorian warns Ralph of haley and, franky's plan... also Sandra and, Catherine learn of it and, race to find the teens before Ralph does and, arrive almost immediately after Ralph does, Sandra and Catherine manage to keeep Ralph away, while Haley lashes out at her father, declaring her love for Franky. sandra and, Ralph then reach an understanding, they will act civil until Haley's graduation and, afterwards they will finalized their divorce. However, in the small window before Haley's graduation, Ralph and, Sandra realize they still love each other and, Haley dumps Franky in order to save her parent's marriage. With Ralph's mood revived, Sandra and, Ralph call off the divorce. Their marriage is also saved when they receive an impromptu visist from roxy, intent on showing them both they are made for each other. Along with the return of sandra's older sister, olivia kramer, Ralph and, Sandra enter into a period of utter peace in their lives. Then, tragedy strikes their family when sandra is struck down and, killed by a meteor while running through the park. Ralph is devestated at theloss of his wife and, blames himself for allowing her to just wander off when the town was warned about the meteors impact. Ralph then becomes very vulnerable but, is visited by Sandra and, his mother, Daria's, spirirts, who help him come to grips with Sandra's death. Ralph then vows to move on with his life.

Following Sandra's death, Ralph becomes very keen on starting fresh and, not dwelling on the past so he hires new interior decorator Natalie Crenshaw to re-model the Grendel home. However, Natalie quickly becomes infatuated with Ralph and, manipulates his vulnerable emotions over his wife's death to get him to enter into a relationship. While Haley thinks it's nice to see her father moving on, Emma becomes hell bent on seeing Ralph and, Natalie apart. Emma even gets Natalie's daughter, Amanda Campbell to contest that her mother is a manipulative bitch. Alas, Ralph refuses to believe what Mandy says because of her bitter rivalry with Candi Cabot. Also though, Ralph begins to develop feelings for Mary Ann Werner a widow herself who is the ex-wife of Winston. As they bond she and, Ralph begin developing genuine feelings for one another. Ralph soon ends things with Natalie, saying they began dating too soon after Sandra's death and, he begins to date Mary Ann. Natalie then begins to plot revenge and, has Ralph's daughter, Emma, kidnapped while Mary Ann is out of town, Natalie stages it in a way that she looks like the help and "saves" Emma and, using this while Mary Ann is gone, she is able to grow close with Ralph once more. and, in a moment of vulnerability she seduces him. Ralph then confesses this to Mary Ann and, they break up and he and Natalie reunite. However, Travis Cabot, looks into Emma's kidnapping and, after much questioning the assailant confesses everything to Travis, that Natalie staged the whole thing.

Travis informs Ralph, who leaves Natalie as she is arrested but, she is able to bribe Travis with the money she has been stealing from Amanda into letting her go, so he can throw a lavish wedding for his fiancee , Thea Green.Ralph and, Mary Ann then reunite and, he asks her to marry him, Mary Ann accepts and, they marry shortly thereafter as Natalie attempts to stop their wedding. Then Natalie learns a secret about Ralph, one he himself doesn't even know and uses it against him to break he and, Mary Ann up. She reveals to Mary Ann that Ralph is the father of Ray Jordan, he fathered him while dating Hillary Archer in high school. When Natalie tells Mary Ann this and, that Ralph knew, Mary Ann divorces Ralph for keeping such a secret from her. At first Ralph is bamboozled and, comes to think that Natalie was lying but, Ray later admits it's the truth and, that's why he came to town but, he just didn't know how to approach Ralph, he seemed to so happy with Sandra and his daughters. Ralph pleads with Mary Ann, as does Ray but, Mary Ann tells Ralph that though he claims to loathe Natalie, he has actually fallen in love with her, despite her dark nature. Though he hates to admit it, Ralph realizes that Mary Ann is right, he loves the idea of her but, he is indeed in love with Natalie but, since Natalie kidnapped Emma, Ralph refuses to let his heart get in the way of what's right. Though Natalie desires to be with Ralph, he refuses. Even Mary Ann comes to Natalie's defense, saying that life is in truth too short for Ralph to be wasting time like he is doing right now.

After a brief visit from Winston, Ralph realizes that he loves Natalie but, tells his brother he can't put his daughter's in harm's way. Then to Ralph's shock Natalie apologizes to Emma and, Emma apologizes to Natalie, saying that her initial opposition to their union was because she was still grieving her mother. Natalie then endures a mid-life crisis and, changes anything even remotely dark about her, showing her dedication to Ralph. Ralph and Natalie then reunite and, marry. They then decide to travel the globe together and, leave town.


Ralph returns tot own in the finale with Winston, Mona and DeDe and Dorian for Alicia's funeral. It is revealed that he and Natalie are separated with her old ways re-surfacing . However, after a stern talking to from his children and Natalie's surprise appearence at the funeral, the two reconcile and return to France, happy.

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