Pritchard Yellow was a sim in the town of Pineview. His purpose was to serve as a side love-interest for Joanna Quarren during her separation from her husband, Jed Quarren. Just as they are about to fall in love with each other, they run into Joanna's youngest daughter, Dorothy Quarren, one night on a date. Dorothy confronts Joanna and blames her for everything, devestating her. This causes Joanna to make ammends with Jed and they reconcile and she thus breaks up with Pritchard.

The Next Generation

Pritchard is not present in TNG storylines however, his son Rhett Yellow who was born to him by some mystery sim is present. Pritchard is deceased by now. His son soon falls in love and becomes the fourth husband of Dahlia Alido.

Pritchard Yellow
Name Pritchard Yellow
Gender Male
Life stage Elder

Spouse(s) Joanna Quarren (ex-girlfriend; deceased)
Child(ren) Rhett Yellow (son)

Neighborhood Pineview

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