Pleasantview Times is a show on youtube made by NuJah15. The Show's third season will air in June 2009. The show has characters from all towns.

Main Cast

Character Season Main Role
Cassandra Goth 1 - Has a baby named Gerald but abandons him.
Alexander Goth 1 - His father dies when he's a child
Bella Goth 1 - She accuses Dina Caliente of destroying her marriage to Mortimer
Mortimer Goth 1 Has an affair with Dina Caliente, dies in series 1 finale, Dina's son may be his.
Daniel Pleasant 1 - Gets Married to baby momma Lila Fare
Mary-Sue Pleasant 1 - 2 Her dad dies and she gets divorced. Arrested in season 2 and transfers prisons before being proved innocent and never seen again
Lilith Pleasant 1 - A rebel who changes Hermia Capp's grades so she can stay in Pleasantview
Angela Pleasant 1 - Catches Dustin Broke of cheating on her
Darleen Dreamer 2 - Feels neglected
Dirk Dreamer 1 - His dad wants him to break up with Lilith
Brandi Broke 1, 3 - Has a son named Lemmy and abandons him as a baby
Dustin Broke 1 - Cheats on Angela Pleasant with Tracy Mueneda and has to raise his brothers after his mother leaves them
Beau Broke 1 - He's like Stewie Griffin, doesn't like mom in season 3 because she abandoned them.
Lemmy Broke 1 - Mother abandons him in season 1. Doesn't like his mother in season 3.
Tracy Mueneda 1 - 2 Olive Specter's other niece. Goes steady with Dustin Broke. Killed at the end of season 2.
Dina Caliente 1 - Bella Goth accuses her of stealing her marriage. Her son Ben is either Michael's or Mortimer's.
Nina Caliente 1 - Pregnant with Don's baby. She and her unborn child are run over at the end of Season 2.
Tina Caliente 2- Nina catches Don with her. Wants to marry Don
Don Lothario 1 - Cassanova
Michael Bachelor 1 - 2 Dina Caliente's husband, dies during time jump at end of Season 2. Appears briefly at the start of season 2.
Coral Oldie 1 - Mary Sue Pleasant's mother. Widow. Adopts a child.
Herb Oldie 1 Mary-Sue Pleasant's father. Dies during fire at Pleasant home.
Darren Dreamer 1 - 2 Neglects his wife
John Burb 1 - Cheats on his wife
Jennifer Burb 1 - Lila Fare's best friend and Daniel Pleasant's sister
Lila Fare 1 - Married to Daniel Pleasant. Has a son with him.
Terrence Pleasant 1- Teenage son of Lila Fare and Daniel Pleasant. In coma
Lucy Burb 1- Daughter of John and Jennifer Burb. Crys alot
Kaylynn Langerak 2- Maid
Viviann Bachelor 2- Bella Goth and Michael Bachelor's sister. Cassandra's son believes Viviann is his mother.
Hermia Capp 1- Trys to change her grades so she can stay in Pleasantview High
Gerald Goth 1- Born in season 1. His mom abandons him. Believes his aunt Viviann is his mom.
Blake Pleasant 3- Angela Pleasant's baby
Carl Pleasant 3- Lila Fare and Daniel Pleasant's child son
Ben Caliente/Bacheloor 2- Dina Caliente's son with either Michael Bachelor or Mortimer Goth.

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