Pleasantview Diary is show on Youtube supposedly following the lives of Pleasantview residents. The first three seasons focused on Don's and Cassandra's marriage, Mary-Sue trying to get contacted with her mother after 2 years of estrangement, Daniel's secret affair, and Mortimer's and Dina's relationship. Starting season four, most of the series regulars either moved away, died, or were discontinued and season four to season six's regulars with the next generation.

Season One

13 episodes


  • Don Lothario
  • Cassandra Goth
  • Daniel Pleasant
  • Mortimer Goth
  • Dina Caliente
  • Darren Dreamer
  • Mary-Sue Pleasant
  • Kaylynn Langerak


  • The Pilot: Don and Cassandra throw their wedding, Mortimer announces his engagement to Dina, Mary-Sue tries to reconnect with her mother Coral Oldie after 2 years of estrangement
  • Baby Maybe?: Kaylynn thinks she's pregnant to Daniel's baby. Darren thinks that he is ready to date again.
  • Dina's Gold?: Dina and Nina sell their home to move in with Mortimer and Alexander. Cassandra becomes suspicious of Dina. Daniel and Mary-Sue go for a legal separation.
  • Twins do Fight: Nina and Dina get into a fight and Nina eventually moves in with her friend Brandi Broke. First Appearances of: The Brokes.
  • Baby Boom!: Daniel gets custody of Angela and Lilith. Dina convinces Mortimer to send Alexander to a boarding school. Cassandra wants to find out more about Dina. Don wants to have a baby.
  • Relationships: Darren Dreamer thinks Dina Caliente is after the Goth fortune. Mary-Sue learns her mother Coral is visiting Pleasantview.
  • Daniel & Kaylynn: Daniel sells the Pleasant home. He decides to move him and his daughters in with Kaylynn. Kaylynn learns she is pregnant.
  • Coral's Visit: Mary-Sue Pleasant reunites with her mother Coral. Mary-Sue thinks she's pregnant.
  • The Goth Wedding: Alexander goes to boarding school. Mortimer and Dina get married. Bella Goth returns but Mortimer rejects her.
  • The Goth Fortune: Cassandra and Bella decide to take Mortimer and Dina to court for the Goth Home.
  • The Heirs: Kaylynn goes into labor and must have an emergency C-Section. Cassandra and Mary-Sue learn their pregnant. Darren proposes to Brandi.
  • Finale (Part One): Mary-Sue learns of Daniel's affair and tries to win him back. Dina Caliente tells Mortimer she may have to move to a different town to protect their marriage.
  • Finale (Part Two): Coral tries to help Mary-Sue with Daniel. Brandi and Darren buy a home together and Nina is called up to court as a witness to Dina's plan.
  • Finale (Part Three): Dina changes her name to "Victoria Gibsov" and moves to Strangetown. Cassandra and Don prepare a baby room. Bella and Cassandra learn Mortimer had a sudden heart attack and is in the hospital. Darren remembers Darleen. Mary-Sue and Coral try to buy the old Pleasant home.

Season Two

Season Two follows Cassandra and Don as they become parents, Mary-Sue and Coral trying to buy the old Pleasant home, Mortimer as he goes to the hospital, Angela and Lilith planning to return to their mother, and Dina's return. Mortimer Goth and Kaylynn Langerak were both killed off this season.


  • Don Lothario
  • Cassandra Goth
  • Daniel Pleasant
  • Bella Goth
  • Darren Dreamer
  • Mary-Sue Pleasant
  • Brandi Broke
  • Premier: Cassandra and Bella learn Mortimer is in the hospital. Alexander returns from boarding school and Daniel Pleasant's sister Jennifer Burb and her family move to town. First Appearances of: John and Jennifer Burb.
  • Fire Burning: Lilith and Angela run away from Kaylynn's an Daniel's home and set it on fire. Coral and Mary-Sue learn the Pleasant home is still in Daniel's name.
  • Mother Lothario: Cassandra thinks Bella is acting more like a mother then a mother-in-law to Don.
  • Growing Pains: Bella learns Mortimer passed on. Mary-Sue goes dating again. Brandi and Darren throw their wedding. During the wedding, Cassandra goes in labor. First Appearance of: Betty Newbie
  • Alexander & Lucy: Angela Pleasant sets her cousin Lucy Burb on a play date with Alexander Goth. First Appearance of: Lucy Burb
  • Lothario Baby: Brandi and Darren cancel the wedding so Cassandra can give birth. Cassandra has Patricio Mortimer Lothario.
  • As Time Goes By: Angela, Lilith, Dustin Broke, and Dirk Dreamer prepare for college. Daniel wants to divorce Mary-Sue after their baby is born.
  • Dina's Past (part one): This episode tells the viewers of Dina Caliente/Viktoria Gibsov's past.
  • Dina's Past (part two): Dina returns to the neighborhood after her third husband in Strangetown dies of mysterious reasons.
  • Nina's Acceptance: Nina doesn't want Dina to return in her life. Mary-Sue goes in labor and gives birth to twins Chris and Gavin Pleasant.
  • Finale (part one): The Teenagers graduate high school, Mary-Sue and Daniel get back together, Brandi and Darren have their wedding, Alexander and Lucy have their first kiss.
  • Finale (part two): Cassandra names Brandi and Darren as Patricio's godparents, Police find Kaylynn's body in The Pleasantview Lake, Brandi Broke thinks she is pregnant.

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