Pineview Park is a park in the town of Pineview. It is the center for many events such as weddings and parties. Peggy Youth was killed after being struck by lightening one night during a rianstorm and her grave now remains as the center piece for the park. There is a play-groud, eating area, wedding chapel, coffee bar and chess area at the park. It serves mainly as a congregating place for the residents of Pineview.

Clara Shin's Fire

At the end of the original Pineview Stories Clara Shin, mother of Melissa Shin sets a fire in the park, after her dughter had just opened her floral shop, in hopes of killing 3 sims, Ernest Shell, Toni Youth and Davis Schwann. She started the fire by placing some hot dogs on a grill, which was placed next to a tree, and then abandoning them. The grill and tree caught fire which spread quickly to the rest of the park. Toni, Ernest and Davis all made it out alive.

However, the fire claimed the lives of Kelly Wilt, Alberta Todd, Gerald Jugo and Florentina Jugo. Clara tried to escape but Peggy's ghost scared her to death. The following day the park laid in ruins, the only thing standing, Peggy Youth's grave. What happened to the Sims of Pineview the following day ended with subsequent Cliff-hangers.

The Next Generation

When the stroies continued (5 Years later) Pineview park has been re-built. Everything has been restored. A flower bed now spells out the word Remember.


Sims Union
Bonnie Scroll & Ken Rossim 2 Weddings
Suzanne Schwann & Gerald Jugo 1 Wedding; Left at Altar
Anita Wilt & Franklin Coosband 1 Wedding
Suzie Alido & Blare Custer 1 Wedding
Suzanne Todd & Alec Todd 1 Wedding
Toni Shell & Marlin Youth 1 Wedding
Valerie Scroll & Darwin Youth 1 Wedding
Dorothy Quarren & Devlin Wilt 1 Wedding
Bonnie Rossim & Hans Ulter 1 Wedding; Left at Altar
Melissa Schwann & Dante Friz 1 Wedding

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