Pineview: Revisited will be a re-boot of the Pineview Stories. It will pick up where the finale, Pineview: Descendants, left off. Though all the main characters stories were left open-ended they will continue and will not be exactly as parallel as their ancestors.

Other characters who were featured in the Pineview stories will also be featured.


The Pineview Re-bbot has been canceled, for now. Instead Clariville, will recieve it's own stories.


Name Status
Bunny Sprawl Alive
Joan Qwilt Alive
Annie Warp Alive
Florida Juice Alive
Susanna Schwann Alive
Poppy Eternal Deceased
Sahara Aller Alive
Tanya Shoel Alive


Name Status
Zelda Tulip Alive
Rosalyn Quarren Alive
Chica Chung Alive

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