Percy Schwann is a sim in the town of Pienview. He is the the fourth child of Davis Schwann and the only childof Davis's now second ex-wife, Harper Schwann. Percy first appears in The Next Generation storylines as his father returns to Pineview, now married to Harper and with Percy, who was a toddlar, at the time. However, Davis soon surreners to his cheating ways which causes his mother to divorce him and leave town, leaving Percy behind with Davis. He has four half-siblings. Three half-sisters, Sigrid Wilt, Anya Platz and Astrid Schwann. He has one half-brother, Jacque Schwann. During TNG stories he has no main storyline. He is simply being raised by his father, after Davis flees town due to his attempt to get rid of Darwin, who would later die anyway, Percy is lieft with Sigrid. When Davis returns Percy moves back in with his father. By this time Davis has re-married once more to Emma-Lee. It is not long before they have a child, Astrid.

Generation 03

In the Generation 03 stories Percy becomes a main character, and is reaching the end of his teenage years. He is shocked when his mother returns to Pineview and reveals that Jan Alder was her daughter, making her Percy's half-sister. The two then re-connect and catch up. When Harper informs her son that she'll be moving again he decides to go with his mother as they pack up and had off to Clariville.


Percy and Harper arrive in Clariville, where they run into Dahlia Alido and The Othel's...

Percy Schwann
Name Percy Schwann
Life stage Teenager
Sign Cancer

Parents Suzanne Todd (grand-mother; deceased)
Davis Schwann (father)
Harper Schwann (mother)
Emma-Lee Schwann (step-mother)
Sibling(s) Sigrid Wilt (half-sister)
Jacque Schwann (half-brother)
Anya Platz (half-sister)
Astrid Schwann (half-sister)
Jan Alder (half-sister; deceased)
Child(ren) Ulvar Wilt (nephew)
Karre Ulter (nephew)
Annie Quarren (niece)

Neighborhood Pineview

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