Paula Lillian Onassiser Charles
The Elegant Paula, in RH.








Paula Lillian (first married name)
Paula Onassiser (second married name)
Paula Charles (third married name)


Mr. Lillian (husband; deceased)
Arsenio Onassiser (husband; deceased)
Ambrose Charles (husband)




Beck Lillian (son)
Billie Chalk (daughter)


Gigi Lillian (daughter-in-law)
Carlton Chalk (son-in-law)
Reed Lillian (adoptive grand-son)
Regan Lillian (adoptive grand-son)
Vanessa Chalk (grand-daughter)


Paula Lillian Onassiser Charles is a sim in the town of Ribbon Heights. She is a widow and mother of two. She is a regular during her time in the original series. She is a guest character in Set 9.

Set 6 & 7

Paula appears near the end of set 6 as a wdiowed mother of two seeking a new beginning. Paula is extremely elegant and has social class. she quickly climbs the social ladder. It is clear that she is still in mourning over her late husband. She quckly befriends the friends. At Floyd and Gillian's wedding she meets, Arsenio Onasiser, a wealthy sim who has two kids of his own. She quickly begins a frenemy relationship with Gladys Telfair, who knows Paula is hiding a secret (her deceased husband) and begins to feel threatened by her elegance as well as her social crass. In the seventh set, Paula shares a fliratious relationship with Arsenio. He asks her out but she declines as she feels it is too soon. She then begins to wonder what happened to his previous spouse/partner. They eventually begin to date. Paula probes Arsenio for answers as to what happened to his previous spouse. He shuts her out. Over time they fall in love and he announces that he was un-faithful and his wife left him. It is later revealed that his ex-wife is Haleigh Asset, Derek's cosuin. Paula meets Arsenio's children. His son Armand and his teenage daughter Charis who quickly boasts her dis-liking of Paula. Regardless of Charis's attitude Arsenio makes his love for Paula known and vice versa and they continue to date. Her children seem to take to Arsenio.

Set 8 & 9

In the eighth set, Paula and Arsenio begin living together and he gets along with her children whereas Charis contonues to make life miserable for Paula. At Wendy's baby shower Paula announces that she and Arsenio have married! Thus later leads to a conflict with Wendy, who hasn't known Paula that long. They later reconcile, but continue to fight. She later helps Gladys through her breakdown and takes Reed and Regan off her hands for a while. arsenio then become sick and bedridden. Paula nurses him as best as she can. However, Arsenio dies. She is heartbroken but inherits almost all of his estate. Charis then calls her a gold-digger and announces she plans to take legal action. In the ninth set, it is revealed that Paula left town after Arsenio's death. Her son, Beck, aged into a young adult and married a much older Gladys Telfair. As a result of this Paula and Gladys had a falling out. She and Billie later return to Ribbon Heights. Paula and Gladys come to terms with their new mother/daughter-in-law relationship. Paula and Wendy also reconcile and finally become friends. Paula, along with Billie then leave town once againa and "for good." However, Paula acknowledges that she will always hive ties to their town and that her friends are the ebst she has ever had.

Ribbon Heights 2.0

In 2.0 Paula is a recurring/guest character.

It is revealed that sometime during the years she moved back closer to Ribbbon Heights and she first appears when Billie begins to date Carlton Chalk, and introduces him to her mother. Later in the second set, Paula would permanently move back to town and Billie, now broken up with Carlton, would help her get settled. She would stay with Gladys and Beck for a while and there Gladys reveals her secret to Paula, the secret is later revealed to be that Gladys is the biological mother of Adia Faison. This would cause a falling out between Beck and Gladys but with Paula's help they reconcile. There after she would become a background character and would appear at the funerals of her fallen friends and wedding alike. During the course of the spin-off Paula would marry once more and this would last through out the series to Ambrose Charles, the ex-husband of the now deceased Agnes Copper. She would live through out the spin-off and die sometime after.

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