Ophelia Rake is a 2-star vampire celebrity residing in Bridgeport. She has pure star quality and is very smart, but sometimes can't remember what she had been doing or what she was getting. She can't stand messes. Unlike her siblings, she was created by enemy, Lucas Hughes. She currently works as an actress, but is considering to switch over to business.

Leading up to The Sims 3

When she was a teenager, Ophelia was taken/kidnapped by Leanne Hughes. Her husband, Lucas, hated poor Ophelia. He locked her away until she was a young adult. Lucas waited until she was starving to give her a proposition: if she could walk down to the pier, stay there 3 hours, then walk back, she would have a meal waiting and the option of immortality. If she ran, took a taxi or the subway, or stopped and ate, the deal was off and she would rot in her cell. So she set out. It took her close to 10 hours to reach the pier, walking. She sat and waited for the required time, wondering if she would die of starvation. She then headed back. Despite her gnawing, tearing hunger, she walked quickly back to their house. Sure enough, there sat a plate of salad. Lucas became outraged. He beat innocent Leanne and ended their marriage. But he stayed true to his word and offered Ophelia immortality, which she accepted.

Ophelia Rake
Name Ophelia Rake
Gender Female
Life State Vampire
Life stage Young Adult
Sign Cancer
Lifetime Wish Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

Rake Coven
Parents Mason Rake, Deidre Rake
Sibling(s) Bree Rake, Kristie Rake, Raoul Rake, Riley Rake, Diego Rake.
Spouse(s) Dennis Hughes (boyfriend)

Neighborhood : Bridgeport

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