Olympia Shell is a sim in the town of Pineview. She is the daughter of Ernest Shell and Blanche Quarren. When Blanche and Ernest leave Pineview at the end of TNG stories, Blanche discovers she is pregnant. When Blanche returns for the commitment ceremony of Martin Quarren and his partner Roger Smithe. It is revealed that she and Ernest had a girl they named Olympia. Olympia makes her first appearence in the Generation 03 stories as a toddler. She returns with her father to Pineview to inform her half-sister, Rosalyn Quarren, that their mother has died, the cause of death is un-known. Ernest then asks Roz to come live with him and Olympia, she accepts. When Ernest dies Olympia, lives with her half-sister, Roz who has just become a young adult...
Olympia Shell
Name Olympia Shell
Gender Female
Life stage Child
Sign Cancer

Parents Jed Quarren (grand-father;deceased)
Joanna Quarren (grand-mother; deceased)
Dorothy Quarren (aunt)
Zed Quarren (uncle)
Harvey Quarren (uncle; deceased)
Melissa Friz (aunt; deceased)
Blanche Shell (mother; deceased)
Ernest Shell (father; deceaed)
Sibling(s) Rosalyn Quarren (half-sister)
Martin Quarren (cousin)
Muriel Quarren (cousin)
Olympia Shell (cousin)
Norris Wilt (cousin)
Ulvar Wilt (cousin)
Annie Quarren (cousin)
Jacque Schwann (cousin)
Jorja Friz (cousin)

Neighborhood Pineview

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