Octavia Troy is a witch, beautiful and attractive. She was adopted at a young age by Cinna Thebe, a distant relative of Veronaville's Thebe family. Not much is known of her early life. Octavia and her adoptive brother Cornelius moved to Mille Fleurs when they were relatively young, around 25. Octavia fell in love with Silvius Troy, and used her spells to make him return the feeling. They married soon after, and had a son, named Scribonius. The year after, Silvius took a trip back to the mainland to visit family, a trip that took an entire year. During that year, Octavia watched the town casanova Tylissus Knossos woo multiple women, so she decided to see if he could handle the long-term effects of his actions. She made sure he fell in love with her, and they eventually WooHooed, and had a daughter, named Lavinia. Tylissus stayyed a part of his daughter's life for a few months, before Silvius was due to return. She told Tylissus that he should consider the person he was for those months, and use the knowledge well. She then told Silvius that Lavinia had been concieved the night before his departure. Octavia currently lives with her family and brother in their large mansion on the coast.
Octavia Troy
Hi! My name is Octavia Troy!
Name Octavia Troy
Gender Female
Life State Witch
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Knowledge
Sign Scorpio

The Troy Family
Parents Cinna Thebe (adoptive)
Sibling(s) Cornelius Thebe
Spouse(s) Silvius Troy
Child(ren) Scribonius Troy, Lavinia Troy

Neighborhood Mille Fleurs

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