Norris Wilt is a sim in the town of Pineview. He doesn't appear until The Next Generation storylines. He is the son of Devlin Wilt and Dorothy Quarren-Wilt. He has one sibling, a half-brother, Abel Wilt. During TNG stories he is simply growing up and begina kid. He gets along with his brother, despite the fact that Abel feels left out most of the time. In the Generation 03 storylines Norris will become a main character, He has now aged into a teenager and is beginning life as an adolecent. He then begins to date Chica Chung. He then ages into a young adult and asks Chica to marry him, she agrees. They then marry at a big ceremony. Esme returns with the twins for the ceremony. Chica later becomes pregnant, she gives birth to a daughter who they colofully name Florida. Norris enjoys life with Chica and Florida. However, days later he is killed after he is shocked by the stereo and dies. Chica and Florida are devestated. However, Chica quickly re-marries to a sim, named Hollis Deli. Chica even makes her daughter take Hollis's name.
Norris Wilt
Hi! My name is Norris Wilt!
Name Norris Wilt
Gender Male
Life stage Teenager
Sign Aries

Parents Anita Coosband (grand-mother; deceased)
Abraham Wilt (grand-father; deceased)
Jed Quarren (grand-father; deceased)
Joanna Quarren (grand-mother; deceased)
Annabel Sell (aunt; deceased)
Harvey Quarren (uncle; deceased)
Blance Shell (aunt; deceased)
Zed Quarren (uncle) Devlin Wilt (father; deceased)
Dorothy Wilt (mother; deceased)
Sibling(s) Abel Wilt (half-brother)
Sigrid Quarren (cousin)
Ljot Sell (cousin)
Martin Quarren (cousin)
Muriel Schwann (cousin)
Zelda Quarren (cousin)
Rosalyn Quarren (cousin)
Olympia Shell (cousin)
Spouse(s) Chica Chung (wife)
Child(ren) Florida Deli (daughter)

Neighborhood Pineview

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