Nessa Flynn is a newer resident of the island of Mille Fleurs. She is a stereotypical stay-at-home mother who enjoys chatting over the hedge with the neighbours and indulging in juicy neighbourhood gossip. She is very good friends with Corinne Bisette and Tyra Liefsson. Being new to the town, she has seen some of the island's oddities with outsider eyes. For example, she knows there's something strange with Octavia Troy, and is aware of Tylissus Knossos's affairs. While she's aware of the abnormalities around her, how can she be so oblivious to the one right under her nose?
Onology: Nessa is a Gaelic name
Nessa Flynn
Hi! My name is Nessa Flynn!
Name Nessa Flynn
Gender Female
Life State Human
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Family
Sign Cancer

The Flynn Family
Spouse(s) Ciaran Flynn
Child(ren) Aoife Flynn

Neighborhood Mille Fleurs

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