Nerissa Quest (nee Hart) is a sim in the town of Pineview. She is the daughter of Dahlia Alido and Adam Hart. Her grand-mother is Suzie Alido and her step-grand-father is Blare Custer. She is born after her parents suprise wedding. She was only a toddlar when her grand-father, Cyrus, returned and tried to kill Suzie. She was a child when she attended Melissa's opening and party. She and her family managed to get out of the fire un-harmed. When the stories resume 5 years later, Nerissa and her father do not get along due to his cheating ways. She dreams of opening her own clothing store. She attends Faline's birthday party and is elated to hear that she has a step-sister, Jan Alder. She then announces that she will be leaving Pineview to become a fashion designer... (Cliff-Hanger)

Generation 03

Nerissa did leave Pineview for a year and a half, she then returnd a successful designer. She then opened her own clothing store in town, Nerissa's Own Clothing Store (a pun on the store in The Sims 2). She also married to a man named Jett Quest and has a step-son, Ronin by him. When Nerissa returns she is very pregnant and a day later goes into labor, she delivers a girl, Sahara.

Their life is almost perfect for a while. However, when Jett's ex-wife, Opal Quest, comes to Pineview looking for Ronin, she begins scaring up trouble. She is disillusioned and believes she can win Jett back and begins getting flirty with him every chance she gets. Nerisaa confronts her and tells her that Jett is her husband and they have a daughter now.

Opal tells Nerissa she doesn't care, she then tells her that Sahara would be a great step-daughter someday. Nerissa then engages Opal ina fight, Nerissa wins and Jett sees this. Though he loves Nerissa he rushes to Opal's side and asks if she is all right he then scolds Nerissa. When jett and Opal are alone she attempts to seduce him, reclaiming her ex-husband.

However, Jett rejects her advances and goes back to Nerissa, Ronin and Sahara. Opal then gives Ronin an ultimatum, stay with Jett and his new family or come with her or else he will never see her again. Ronin hesitates, but decides to remain with his father, step-mother and half-sister. Opal, upset that her plans failed, leaves town...

Nerissa Quest
Hi! My name is Nerissa Hart!
Name Nerissa Quest
Gender Female
Life stage Young Adult
Sign Aries

Parents Suzie Custer (grand-mother; deceased)
Cyrus Alido (grand-father; deceased)
Blare Custer (step-grand-father; deceased)
Dahlia Yellow (mother)
Adam Hart (father)
Dixie Hart (step-mother)
Rhett Yellow (step-father)
Sibling(s) Jan Alder (step-sister)
Spouse(s) Jett Quest (husband)
Child(ren) Ronin Quest (step-son)
Sahara Quest (daughter)

Neighborhood Pineview

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