The Following are Neighborhoods and series that were created by the acclaimed, TamBams219.


Pineview, is the first neighborhood and is a serene little town that was created during The Sims 2 timeline. It's inhabitants must deal with their dramatic lives filled with heartbreak and happiness.

The Next Generation

TNG, was the second part or sequel for the original Pineview stories. It fast forwards five years and takes place in The Sims 3. However, instead of going back it went forward. The children of the original neighbors become the main characters.

Generation 03

03, was the third installment in the Pineview series. It fast forwarded three years. This time arounf the grand-children of the original neighbors become the main characters.

Pineview: Descendants

P:D, was the finale story plot for the characters in the Pineview world. It fast forwarded twenty-something years and showed the vast descendants of the original neighbors.

Pineview: Revisited

P:R, is the official re-boot of the Pineview series. It takes place right where Descendants left off.


Clariville, is the sister town of Pineview. Often characters would either come from or move away to Clariville. It has been scheduled to have it's only storyline in the future.

Ribbon Heights

RH, was a new series that focused on a set of freinds and their adventures through young adulthood to elderhood. Insted of just being published biographys, their stories were released in Sets and parts, similar to a written TV series.

Ribbon Heights 2.0

RH 2.0, was the spin-off/sequel to the original Ribbon Heights series. It takes place ten years after the events that ended in the original series. This time the children of the original friends become the main focus.

Sun-Crest Point

SCP, is a sim soap opera set in storyline form (a longer version of the set parts). It hosts a variety of characters and how their lives intertwine.

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