Natasha Shaw

Name: Natasha Shaw
Gender: Female


The Sims 2

Age: Adult
Aspiration: Popularity
Sign: Pisces

Status: Playable
Neighborhood: Veronaville

The Sims 3

Life stage: Child
Traits: Unknown
Favorites: Pop, Soup Suprize, Pink

Neighborhood: Sunset Valley

Survivor Big Brother Edition

Season 6: Janelle, Kaysar

Season 8: Dick, Jen

Season 10: Jerry, Renny, April, Jessie

Season 11: Jordan, Kevin, Jeff, Lydia, Ronnie,

Season 12: Brendon, Rachel, Enzo,

Wiazas- Janelle, Kaysar, Jen, Jerry, Jessie, Kevin, Lydia, Enzo(Black)

Acha- Dick, Renny, April, Jordan, Jeff, Ronnie, Brendon, Rachel(Red)



Jordan Renny Dick Ronnie April None Kaysar Jen Lydia Kevin Janelle Rachel
Brendon Renny Dick Ronnie Rachel None Rachel Jen Rachel Kevin Janelle Rachel
Jessie Ezno Jerry None Kaysar Jen Rachel Rachel Janelle Rachel
Rachel Renny Dick Ronnie April None Kaysar Jen Lydia Kevin Janelle Jessie
Janelle Enzo Jerry None Kaysar Jen Lydia Rachel Rachel
Kevin Jerry Jerry None Kaysar Jen Brendon Brendon
Lydia Jerry Jerry None Kaysar Jen Brendon
Jen Enzo Jerry None Kaysar Brendon
Kaysar Jerry Jerry None Jen
Jeff Dick Dick Ronnie Rachel None
April Dick Dick Ronnie Rachel
Ronnie Renny Dick Rachel
Dick Renny Rachel
Jerry Enzo Kaysar
Enzo Kaysar
Renny Dick
Jury Vote
Juror Vote
Rachel Brendon
Janelle Jordan
Kevin Brendon
Lydia Jordan
Jen Jordan
Kaysar Brendon
Jeff Jordan

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