Mona Halcoyn
The Materialistic Mona






Business Partner in Halcoyn Enterprises


Mona Radish (maiden name)
Mona Halcoyn (first/third married name)
Mona Daniels (second married name)


Winston Halcoyn (ex-husband)
Colin Daniels (husband; deceased)
Winston Halcoyn (ex-husband)
Winston Halcoyn (husband)


Ralph Grendel (one-night-stand)
Arnold Werner (ex-fiance)
Howard Trude (ex-fiance)


Derwood Halcoyn (son)
DeDe Halcoyn (daughter)


William Halcoyn (father-in-law; deceased)
Rosanna Halcoyn (mother-in-law; deceased)
Ralph Grendel (brother-in-law)
Marylin Kincaid (sister-in-law)

Cause for Departure

Left town after Romantic Crisis. (1st Time)
Left town following Divorce. (2nd Time)


Mona Radish (previously Daniels and Halcoyn) is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point. Mona is perhaps best known for her incredible hostile relationship with Winston Halcoyn. Though initially introduced as a woman dependent on her husband's affections, Mona grew into her own person over time, even forming her own company while still being able to remain in her children's lives.


In the beginning, Mona is revealed to be the wife of Halcoyn Heir, Winston Halcoyn. Together they have a son named Derwood. Mona seems to embrace her socialite staus and enjoys throwing lavish parties and living her wealthy lifestyle. However, her marriage begins to turn sour when her father-in-law, William Halcoyn, causes a scene at a party she thorws up at Halcoyn Hill, when she invites Daria Grendel, considering she was important as she has a large ammount of stock in Halcoyn Communications. After the party scene William begins to consider Mona a threat to the Halcoyn empire and quickly begins to poison Winston against her. Though Mona loves begin rich and known, she would give it all up in a second just to be with Winston forever. Winston begins to believe his father's claims that Mona is trying to hold him back and sabotage him and though she tries to tell him that she does love him he contonues to fight with her. Eventually Mona can't take it ane moves out of Halcoyn Hill and seeks refuge with Daria. It is revealed that before she married Winston she was best friends with Alicia Cabot. Since her newfound wealthy they have grown apart. When Mona and Derwood begin living with Daria, Mona and Alicia mend fences and become friends again. Mona apologizes for not being there for Alicia when her husband left her. Daria then vows to help Mona get back Winston and stop the evil Will. Soon Daria's son, Ralph Grendel, arrives in town. Mona asks how he will help them and Daria claims he won't as he is just visiting. However, it is revealed that Ralph is in fact William and Daria's son, the product of an affair and Winston's younger half-brother. Before Mona or Ralph learn fo their relation they confide in each other and in a moment of weakness share a kiss, that Winston witnesses. After they discover Ralph's paternity they try to supress their attraction. Mona then buys her own home and when Ralph comes by to visit her, they end up making out and spend the night together. After their one night stand, Mona begins to develop feelings for Ralph and when she trie to kiss a few days later he pulls away saying that he knoes she loves Winston and that he can no longer hurt his brother like this. Mona becomes emotional but then asks Ralph to escort her to her son's birthday party up at Halcoyn Hill, Ralph accepts.

They arrive at the party and Mona becomes jealous when she sees Winston came with Catherine Andrews. Winston suspects a romance between Ralph and Mona as well, despite their dismissal of such a thing. When Daria reveals that Winston's mother, Rosanna Halcoyn is alive and she then exposes William for who he really is, Winston realizes that he was lying and he and Mona reunite. She then moves back into Halcoyn Hill along with Derwood. She and Winston appear to be back on track. However, Winston doesn't know that Ralph and Mona did more than kiss. Mona then discovers that she is pregnant, which elates everyone but she is confused as to who the father of the child is. Her OB/GYN is revealed to be Reggie Andrews. However, Winston soon notices that Mona is nervous everytime the pregnancy is mentioned and asks Cassidy Free to look into her time spent during the separation. Reggie, under the guise of Cassidy, almost gets Mona to admit that she slept with Ralph but is stopped when Maurice Dalton comes in. Mona then decides to tell Winston the truth , hoping the truth will fix her guilt. When she admits the truth to him he tells her he wants a divorce and she goes into labor. She gives birth to a daughter, Deirdre "DeDe" Halcoyn, and the father is revealed to be Winston. However, their newborn daughter is not enought o save their marriage and Winston coldly divorces Mona and throws her out of Halcoyn Hill. Mona then tries to stay with Daira but is turned away as she has a full house. Then Mona hears that Karen Collins has some space available and she asks if she can become her new roommate. Karen ahppily accepts Mona and DeDe as her roommates. Mona is then shocked when she discovers that Karen is dating and fallen in love with Ralph. Ralph is also shocked when he discovers Mona is Karen's roommate. After some time spent with Karen and seeing how happy Ralph is and seeing that Winston is moving on with Mary Ann, she decides that there is nothing, other thna Derwood, keeping her in town. She takes DeDe and leaves Sun-Crest Point, but promises to visit Derwood.

She then calls Winston one eveing and informs him that he no longer has to pay alimony as she has re-married to astronaut, Colin Daniels. Though Winston's new wife, Mary Ann Werner, sees it as progression and moving on Winston seems upset over the news. Later when Agatha Stone is taling to Derwood, he infroms her that his mother and little sister, DeDe, will be returning to town in a while because his mother's husband had died while on a space mission, making her a widow.


Mona makes her epic return to Sun-Crest Point, when she bumps into Winston's new wife, Mary Ann Halcoyn. Mary Ann is shocked by Mona's return to town, despite knowing she was coming. Mona tells Mary Ann she knows that she is with Winston and she informs Mary Ann that she poses no threat to her and Winston's marriage. She states that after Colin died on a space mission she felt she needed to come back and see Derwood, as well as let Winston see DeDe, who is now a toddler. She then manages to mesage all her old firends and they reunite with each infomring her of the good nad bad things that have been going on while she was gone. Mae then informs the group of her separation. She shares an awkward reunion with Ralph and is introduced to his wife, Sandra Kramer. Sandra notes the awkward atmosphere and begins to feel Ralph is keeping something from her. Mona then runs into Arnold Werner, whom she only got to meet briefly before her departure. He asks her if she would like to get something to eat and cacth up and quickly a romance blossoms between the two. While out on their first date, Bianca Baxter, goes into a fury as Arnold blew her off for Mona, but Mike March, comes to her aid and they resolve the problem. Arnie apologizes to Mona who accepts and tells her that she has been on the recieving end of such a thing before. She is then offered to go and stay up at Halcoyn Hill by Winston and Mary Ann, who doesn't like the idea. After this Mona comes home one eveing to find Mary Ann upset at the fact that she and Winston have a truly un-happy and over the phone marriage. Mona suggests she do what she feels is best for her, this leads to Mary Ann and Winston's divorce. Mona then catches up with new widow and mother, Karen, her old roommate. After this encounter Arnold remarks how he wants children, this causes a brief fight between the two as Mona doesn't want anymore kids, Arnie then reluctantly tells her that being a possible step-father is just as good. As the Werner funds begin to dwindle at Halcoyn Enterprises, Mona comes to her ex-husband's aid and uses the money she recieved from Colin's life insurance policy to finally and firmly stabelize the company, making her a partner in the company. She begins to notice Arnold's close relationship with Karen but brushes it off as kindness after the death of her husband, John. When Arnold's mother, Eliza, comes to town she tells him he should ask Mona to marry him and gives him his grand-mother's engagement ring. Arnold later does ask Mona to marry him, and Mona half-heartedly accepts. During this time she and Winston make ammends for their failed marrieag and he attempts to move on first with Mae and then later with Sandra's older sister, Olivia Kramer. Eliza then suprises them when she prepeares the wedding in secret and has them marry sooner than they thought. As the ceremony begins, half way down the aisle Mona stops and she and Arnold stare at each other and ask the other if they love them.

Mona then turns to Winston and tells him that he is the father of her children and that it is him that she loves. She then tells Arnold to go to her (Karen). Mona then runs into Winston's arms and the two are finally reunited. Seeing his love for his ex-wife, Olivia leaves Winston. She and Winston then soon re-marry afterwards in a rpivate ceremony, with just their children present. They then enter into a happy period of their lives. Then Mona meets her employee, Amanda Campbell and quickly realizes how devious she is. When Mandy and Ted begin to date Mona goes to great lengths to ensure nothing comes of the romance and that Amanda ends it, which she does. She also helps free Franky, Haley and Emma when they are kidnapped by Carter Irving. Then her happiness is threatened when a man claiming to be Colin Daniles surfaces in town. He states that he was not on board the shuttle that exploded. He then tells Mona that he can have their marriage re-vitalized if he wants to and make her current one to Winston void. Unless, she pays him 1,000,000 simoleons. Mona pays him the money, despite that she feels he is not the real Colin. The money was meant to help stabalize Halcoyn Enterprises after Lila runs out with the money. Following yet another betrayal by her husband, Mona becomes guilt ridden once more and, confesses everything to Winston and, when she again tries to rationalize what Colin plans to do, he tells her they are done. Following this, Mona decides to venture out and, confront this Colin, un-sure if he is the real one or not. With Alicia by her side they confirm that Mona's second husband is in fact deceased, so she travels to go find the faux Colin. When she does she exposes him for who he is and, calls the police. However, Halcoyn Enterprises loses the money. Though her marriage to Winston is ended yet again, Mona returns to town in the hopes of reconciling with Winston. Alas, Winston had alreadt fallen under the charms of younger wealthy widow, Tanya Rockford and, she presueded him to marry her. Seeing that Tanya has Winston wrapped around her fingers, she attends her daughter's high school graduation and, then tells her faily she is once more leaving town to make a name for herself, maybe even opening up her own business. Though it comes as a shock to everyone (including Winston), Mona leaves town after yet another heart breaking relationship with Winston.

At Long Last

Mona returns to town as a guest at Candi's wedding to Ray Jordan. She also reveals she came back because Mary Ann Werner, informed her of the TRue death of William Halcoyn. After this is revealed, Mona lashes out at Mary Ann revealing that she had to relocate her new company, Radish Relations to Sun-Crest Point with her fiance, revealed to be Eve Swirl's uncle, Howard Trude, saying Winston should have told her. Her return does peek Winston's interest, though Mona states she has little to say to him. She comes across Arnold and Karen as the prepare to travel the world, and wishes them well telling Arnold how happy she is they never got married, to which he happily replies he is as well. She and Winston continue to clash over their past, with underlying bits of unresolved feelings coming out. When Blake Dasani, ignites the entire town following Candi and Rays botched wedding, Mona shouts in fear as Winston goes into the inferno to secure the safety of his daughter, Blair Halcoyn. Howard overhears this, and is next mentioned to leave town. With her home burned down, Winston offers Mona to come live with him... in separate rooms of course.

After mulling it over for a bit, Mona accepts the offer. DeDe, and Dorian later take their son, Thorn and move to the Halcoyn Compound abroad, leaving Winston and Mona alone in the huge mansion that they once had a family in. The two share a variety of close moments, especially after Winston is visited by the spirits of his parents, believing himself to have become his father, Mona catches him cursing himself one evening and she enters the room and delivers a wake up call... She reveals Winston is nothing like his father, and that if he really was she would never wasted her entire life being in love with him. The two hug, as Winston asks if that means she still loves him, Mona hesitates and later runs off, telling him she intends to move out. Winston then speaks with his brother about it, in which Ralph reveals how Winston has always been a sucker for gorgeous gold-diggers and has never given Mona the trust she deserves. Though his words are harsh Winston realizes the truth in them and sets out to prove Mona has always been his true love.

Meanwhile, Mona has similar conversation with her son's turbulent lover, Amanda Campbell. Amanda reminds Mona how she and Derwood have had their ups and down but in the end their love has always prevailed, she states you can't be afraid to give it another try. Mona takes Amanda's words to heart but, after hearing about Ralph and Natalie's recent separation, she informs the town she is leaving again. Winston is heart broken. Her departure is cut short when Alicia dies, and she remains in town for the funeral. After reminiscing with Winston about their youth with Alicia, and how she got such little time with Ted before he died, they share a kiss. Though Mona decries it a mistake, she leaves the room. The two attend the funeral, and then the wedding the following day of Candi and Jasper. At the wedding, Mona intends to leave town and as she walks out of Halcoyn Hill, Winston chases after her, kisses her, and declares he has been a fool and loves her. Though having out up a hard shell, Mona surrenders to her love for Winston as the two passionately embrace.

In the flash forward, a year later it is revealed Mona and Winston are abroad visiting DeDe, Dorian, and Tripp as part of their honeymoon.

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