Mille Fleurs is a prosperous town located far off the coast of SimNation, near Takemizu Village. However, the island is at a spot in the ocean where dimensions blur, meaning a lot of supernatural activity goes on there, including Vampires, Witchcraft, and more.


The island was discovered by Paris Troy, who brought his closest friends Veteris Fallen and Jon Smith Tricou there. The three founded the town of Mille Fleurs for the abundance of flowers on the island. Word got out about the green, unmarked island, and soon more people moved their, transforming it into a wealthy community.

Living Residants

Troy Families

Knossos Family

Tricou Family

  • Jon Smith Tricou
  • Jennicor Tricou
  • Jennail Tricou
  • Kvornan Tricou (nee Tenebrae)
  • Fricorith Tricou
  • Nylissit Tricou
  • Kiernan Tricou (nee Nox)
  • Gvaudoin Tricou

Fallen Family

Chandler Family

Bisette Family

Flynn Family


Tanaka Family

Neengia Family

  • Rainelle Neengia

Deceased Residants