May Haller-Urschel is a sim in the town of Ribbon Heights. She is not a main character in the stories, but is a major recurring one. She is the girlfriend of Derek Siddle. However, she maintains a hostile relationship with all the other characters. Her parent's are no where to be seen when the stories open.

Set 1

In the first story set, May is dating Derek Siddle. She maipulates him, and doesn't get along with the others. She later commands him to spend less time with his friends and more time with her. Derek agrees and cuts off communication with his friends. May then makes Derek invite his father, Steven, over. Steven then puts the idea of marriage in May's head. This leads to Derek running off and later confronting May. However, they don't break up but continue dating. Later Derek tells May he loves her and becomes mad when she doesn't do the same, Derek then tells her that he doesn't actually love her. They then decide to try for a baby, until Derek is talked out of it by Wendy. Derek then brings May's parents in town for a visit and she reveals that she is adopted. Then at Kendra's failed wedding Derek proposes to her.

Set 2

In the second set, May is updated to a regular. She rejected Derek's proposal. She later begins dating new neighbor, Kline Urschel. She becomes jealous when she sees how happy Derek and Wendy are together, so bad that she tries to seduce Derek as Wendy enters his house one day to break them up. However, Derek and Wendy reconcile. May is there when Kendra goes into labor, and watches Elsie as Kendra goes to the hospital. May and Kline eventually fall in love. May then discovers Gregg's secret (his homosexuality) and uses it against him. She forces him to break Wendy and Derek up, which he does. May then flaunts her relationship with Kline in front of both of them. Later Gregg tells Derek the truth and Derek confronts May. In the finale Kline asks May to marry him.

Set 3

In the third set, May and Kline elope and marry. Later Kline's brother Kelvin dies and Kline and May become the guardian of Kelvin's son, their nephew, Rupert. Thoug May likes Rupert she announces that their home will soon be too crowded as she is pregnant. Her pregnancy tests her marriage, but she and Kline survive as she gives a home birth, alone, to their daughter Karina. Then Gladys Telfair comes back to town and May is introduced to her. Gladys quickly takes an interest in Rupert, why?

Set 4

In the fourth set, May begins to probe Gladys's interest in her young nephew. She constantly bugs Gladys for answers about her 2 ex-husband's. Gladys continues to shut her down. Eventually May shares her suspicious with her husband, Kline, who tells her to keep Rupert away from Gladys. May then becomes even more suspicious as she thinks Kline knows something. She continues to let Rupert and Gladys bond and spend time together. Eventually May locks Gladys in her home and demands answers. Gladys reveals that she is Rupert's mother and that she was married to Kelvin, but her first ex-husband, Basil killed him. Basil then tries to kill them but they escape.

Set 5

In the fifth set, five years later. May and Kline are still married and Rupert is now living with Gladys. Karina is doing fine. However, it is revealed that May has begun an affair with the town's newly appointed Mayor, Jonah Weller. Eventually she ends it when Gillian discovers them. She then tells Kline who reveals his own adultery. They separate but eventually reconcile. When Jonah's secret is revealed and he fells town Kline decides to run for Mayor... against Floyd.

Set 6

In the sixth set, May and Kline are campaigning hard against Floyd and Gillian and are winning as they are married whereas Floyd and Gillian are not. However, they lose their standing in the polls when Norma Siddle dies. May and Kline decide to regain their standing that May must becomes pregnanat and have another child, to make them look like a growing family. May quickly becomes pregnant but stops eating so she can be pregnanat and still look good for the cameras. This takes it's toll on May and ends with her passing out and dying due to starvation. The baby also dies. Kline then drops out of the race after May's death and leaves town with Karina.

Set 10

In the tenth set, May's ghost can be seen watching over her friends as the stories end.

May Haller-Urschel
The Manipulative May.
Name May Haller-Urschel
Gender Female
Life stage Adult
Sign Aries

Parents Mr. Haller (adoptive father)
Mrs. Haller (adoptive mother)
Sibling(s) Kelvin Urschel (brother-in-law; deceased)
Spouse(s) Derek Siddle (ex-boyfriend)
Kline Urschel (husband)
Jonah weller (ex-lover)
Child(ren) Rupert Urschel (nephew)
Karina Urschel (daughter)
Mystery Sim (child; deceased)

Neighborhood Ribbon Heights
Tyra's call-out order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13
1 Nnenna Mollie Sara Furonda Leslie Joanie Joanie Furonda Jade Joanie Danielle Danielle Danielle
2 Mollie Danielle Leslie Danielle Joanie Jade Nnenna Danielle Joanie Danielle Joanie Joanie Joanie
3 Kari Nnenna Kari Leslie Sara Furonda Brooke Joanie Danielle Sara Jade Jade
4 Danielle Joanie Danielle Joanie Danielle Nnenna Sara Jade Furonda Jade Sara
5 Brooke Jade Gina Mollie Jade Danielle Jade Sara Sara Furonda
6 Joanie Sara Jade Jade Furonda Leslie Furonda Nnenna Nnenna
7 Sara Furonda Nnenna Brooke Brooke Sara Danielle Brooke
8 Gina Gina Joanie Sara Mollie Brooke Leslie
9 Kathy Kari Mollie Nnenna Nnenna Mollie
10 Leslie Brooke Brooke Gina Gina
11 Wendy Leslie Furonda Kari
12 Jade Wendy Wendy
13 Furonda Kathy
The contestant won the reward challenge

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