Maxwell Lord
Max Lord




Young Adult/Adult/Elder


Epitah Writer


Max (nick-name)


Gertrude Lord (mother; deceased)
Mystery Sim (father)


Maci Lord-Weller (sister)


Gregg Chalk (husband)


Mystery Sim (ex-boyfriend)


Neve Lord-Chalk (adoptive daughter)


Jonah Weller (brother-in-law)
Ron Chalk (borther-in-law)
Bernard Chalk (father-in-law; deceased)
Reno Chalk (mother-in-law; deceased)
Alton Siddle (son-in-law)
Roeper Siddle (grand-son)
Maxine Siddle (grand-daughter)


Maxwell "Max" Lord is a sim in the town of Ribbon Heights.

Set 2

Max first appears in the secind set and is said to be an "old friend" of the gangs. Gregg was dating Wednesday at the time and she investiagated and found out that no one other than Gregg knew of Max. Throughout all of the second set it is proven that Gregg and Max have a secret. Wendy is the first to discover it but promises to keep it secret and then later May finds out. However, she keeps her manipulative moth shut as well. In the finale Wendy tells gregg he heends to tell. Max was Gregg's relationship from when he was gone in the first set and that he is gay, and Max is his lover.

Set 3

In the third set, Max and Gregg are now together as boyfriend and boyfriend. Max then makes Gregg come out ot his parents. His mother is impartial about the whole thing and adapts to her son's lifestyle. However, Gregg's father disowns him and he and Reno separate on their indifferences on Gregg's sexuality. Gregg is amd at Max for making him come out to his parents. Then Max's sister, Maci comes to town for a visit and reveals that Max has yet to come out to their mother, gertrude, as well. Gregg then makes Max come out to his mother for his own benefit. Gertrude has the same reaction as Bernard and disowns Max. Gregg and Max then decide to marry, with or without their parents. Eventually Bernard and Gertrude come around when Maci and Reno talk to them and Gregg and Max marry.

Set 4

In the fourth set, Max and Gregg decide whether or not to have kids (by adoption) and they are initially hesitant but ultimately decide to adopt and are given a daughter that they name Neve. They then become accustomed to being a family and raisisng a baby.

Set 5

In the fifth set, 5 years later, Gregg and Max are still together and raising Neve. Max's sister, Maci, is engaged to Floyd. However, Max reveals to Gregg that Maci always gets engaged to men they takes them for all their worth days before the wedding. Gregg is upset that Max would let her do this to Floyd and warns him. Floyd dumps her and Gregg and Max split, temporarily. Gregg begins to see another man named Oliver. Max begins seeing someone as well and the two fight over Neve. However, in the finale they reconcile.

Set 6

In the sixth set, Gregg and Max are still together and happy again. However, a woman named Darla Arbor comes to their door and informs them that she is Neve's biological mother and wants her back. They are resistent in allowing her to have Neve. Darla gets the police involved but they can't do anything. when Darla and Ivan begin dating they tell Ivan what she is doing to them and he dumps her. Darla then kidnaps Neve but Gregg and Max call the cops and she is arrested. However, Gregg and Max then begin to wonder if maybe Darla should be in Neve's life.

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