Mary Trent
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Mary Trent
Gender Female
Life state Sim
Zodiac sign
Life stage Adult
Neighborhood Sunset Valley

Mary Trent is from the Trent Family


Dr. Mary Trent, together with the rest of her little family just moved to Sunset Valley. She knows none but she has a good job and because of her calm, wise and good nature, she is well liked.

Family & relationships

Mary is now straight and married to new husbend Toadfish Rebecchi he looks after her and treats her well they now have a baby named Trent


She has won an award for her bit on Sims next top model cycle 8


"Do everything for the patients!"



She has an fatuation on Tv idol and poster boy Dr Ross Geller and has a poster

External links

Toadfish Rebecchi/The Rebecchi Family

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