Martine Youth and Johann Wilson, are a main super-couple in the Pineview franchise spin-off, Generation 03.

Martine and Johann first meet in high school as teenagers. They instantly begin to develop feelings for each other and begin to date. Their relationship is discovered by Martine's mother, Valerie Youth, when she catches the two of them making out. Martine and Johann break up briefly after the death of Martine's father, Darwin Youth. After she comes to grips with her father's death Johann and Martine reconcile and get back together. They contonue to date all thorugh out their teenage years. When they age into young adults Johann asks Martine to marry him. she instead dumps him again.

However, Martine and Johann confront their feelings again at Martine's cousin's, Faline Rossim, birthday party where they whind up sharing a passionate kiss. They then marry and eventually Martine becomes pregnant and gives birth to their daughter, Bunny Wilson. However, when Johann begins an affair with his co-worker, Jezebel Jones, Martine discovers his infidelity and divorces Johann and takes Bunny with her as she moves out of their home. Johann ends thins with Jezebel as he really loves Martine. Though Martine is angry with Johann her heart speaks louder than her mind and they eventually reconcile and re-marry.

After their re-marriage Johann decides that he and Martine should have another child. However, Martine has no desire to have anymore children. She tells Johann that the discussion ends there, but he persists. He tries to simply seduce his wife in order to impregnant her. Martine soon becomes disgusted with Johann's behavior and when she realizes he won't change she divorces him, again. Joahnn then tries to move on and even becomes engaged to a woamn named Edna. Martine becomes jealous at Johann's new love. When his wedding day arrives she crashes the event and admits that she will always love Johann regardless and that they can work through anything. Joahnn's engagement is then ended and he and Martine re-marry for the final time. They spend the rest of their days as a happily married couple.

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