Martin Quarren is a sim in the town of Pineview. He is not there in the beginning as he is not born yet. He has a twin sister, Muriel Quarren and another toddler aged, sister, Zelda. He is the son of Harvey and Sharon Quarren. Unlike his sister, who has a dark side, Martin is good and friendly. He and his twin though are best friends. Martin is sad when Muriel goes to live with their aunt, Blanche Quarren. But he is excited when she returns. He attends Melissa's opening party and survives the fire. When the stories pick up 5 years later Martin, along with Muriel, is now a teenager. He has had no significant storyline to date, however, upon the arrival of The Next Generation story lines it is revealed that Martin has a crush, on a boy named Roger Smithe. Martin has trouble coming to terms with his feelings for another male sim. However, when he tells Roger he is shocked to learn that Roger reciprocates his feelings and the two kiss and begin dating. After they become young adults the boys decide to spend their lives together and wish to have a commitment ceremony. Though initially hesitant, Sharon, attends the ceremony and watches her son marry another male sim. While at Faline's birthday party, Roger takes out his cell phone, his interaction, to adopt a child.... (Cliff-Hanger)

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later it is revealed that Martin and Roger are still together and have adopted Hadley Serd as their son as he was taken away from Olga by the social worker. For a while they all live together as a happy family. One day Olga runs into them as they are headed home from work to meet Hadley as he arrives home from school. She then begins talking to them, despite their cold relationship. She distracts them for a while, leaving Hadley home alone.

Finally as Martin and Roger head home, they arrive in time to see the social worker taking Hadley away. Then after Hadley is gone, Olga calls the agency and informs her of her re-marriage and her changed ways, they allow her to have Hadley back. Martin and Roger are then left heart broken as the child they raised is sent back to his mother.

Though, Martin and Roger say they will never adopt again over the fear of having the child taken away, they decide to give adoption one last shot. They are given a toddler aged girl named Joan...

Martin Quarren
Name Martin Quarren
Life stage Young Adult
Sign Cancer

Parents Jed Quarren (grand-father; deceased)
Joanna Quarren (grand-mother; deceased)
Blanche Shell (aunt; deceased)
Dorothy Wilt (aunt)
Zed Quarren (uncle)
Harvey Quarren (father)
Sharon Quarren (mother)
Sibling(s) Muriel Quarren (sister)
Zelda Quarren (sister)
Rosalyn Quarren (cousin)
Norris Wilt (cousin)
Ulvar Wilt (cousin)
Annie Quarren (cousin)
Olympia Shell (cousin)
Spouse(s) Roger Smithe (partner)
Child(ren) Hadley Serd (adoptive son; taken away)
Joan Quarren-Smithe (adoptive daughter)

Neighborhood Pineview

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