Mae Reyes
The Maternal Mae.






Spa Receptionist
Executive Assistant to Winston Halcoyn


Mae McBride (maiden/legal name)
Mae Stone (first married name)
Mae Reyes (second/third/fifth married name)
Mae Grinaldi (fourth married name)


Martin McBride (father; deceased)
Helen McBride (mother; deceased)


Edward Stone (husband; deceased)
Escobar Reyes (ex-husband)
Escobar Reyes (ex-husband)
Kurt Grinaldi (ex-husband)
Escobar Reyes (husband)


Escobar Reyes (ex-boyfriend)
Hank Centowski (ex-boyfriend)
Todd Ford (one-night-stand)
Winston Halcoyn (ex-lover)
Blake Dasani (ex-boyfriend)
Arnold Werner (one-night-stand)


Agatha Stone (daughter)
Cleo Enots (daughter)
Nell Hayes (daughter)
Isaac Reyes (son)


Lucia Reyes (mother-in-law; deceased)
Ricardo Reyes (father-in-law; deceased)
Nancy Tenney (adoptive grand-daughter)
Lionel Jordan (grand-son)
Otto Jordan (grand-son)
Dino George (grand-son)
Ric Reyes (grand-son

Cause for Departure

Left Town following the Death of her father, Martin. (1st Time)
Moved to France. (2nd Time)
Returned to France. (3rd Time)
Series Finale.(4th Time)


Mae Reyes (nee McBride, previously Stone and Grinaldi) is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point. She was the series original heroine until her departire in Storyline 80. Similar to Alicia Cabot, Mae has weathered a great deal throughout her life. She has been a victim of abuse, widowed, divorced (3 times), learned she had a long lost daughter, a near death experience and, amnesia. This has all been coupled with her rocky romance with Escobar Reyes, which has gone on since the first Storyline.


In the beginning, Mae is a young adult she is married to Edward Stone. Though Mae loves Ed it is clear that he holds Mae in a lower regard as well as their daughter, Agatha. As a result of her verbally abusive marriage Mae is slightly overweight. She is prone to emotional breakdowns as Edward's career as at the cemetery provides little benefit for their family. However, since she has no one else and wants to keep her daughter safe she sticks by Ed, hoping he will change his ways and become the husband she wants him to be. Her best friend, Alicia Cabot, constanly pressures her to get out of her abusive marriage. Daria Grendel, also offers support to Mae as she was once married to an abusive man. Mae continues to hold out hope that Ed will get out of his funk and return to the kind man he once was. Meanwhile, Escobar Reyes, a local gardner notices Mae and finds her to be a delicate flower who is being crushed by Ed. He then offers to tend to the Stone's plants free of charge just to be near Mae. One night, Ed comes home from work and Mae didn't have dinner ready for him, his abuse shifted from verbal to physical when he pushes Mae to the ground. He later apologizes and a reluctant Mae forgives him. She and Escobar then grow close and begin to share in deep and meaningful conversations. This all happens despite the fact that Alicia was dating Escobar until she realized that he was in love with Mae. When Alicia spots them talking she tells Ed about the possibility of an affair so that he will put Mae in her place and she can have Escobar, placing the basisi of their friendship in question. When Ed arrives home one day and finds that the plants haven't been tended to and Escobar and Mae talking he fires Escobar but relents on Mae as there was no proof on ana actual affar. THe following day, Escobar comes back to the Stone househod, confesses his attraction to Mae and passionately kisses her... just as Alicia enters her home to talk to Mae. When Alicia walks in on her and Escobar she storms out and tells Ed of what she saw. Mae feels guilty and tells Escobar he needs to go to Alicia. She is then shocked when he tells her that he only likes Alicia as a friend, but he loves Mae. She is shcoked and asks Escobar to leave. After that Ed comes home from work and gets violent with Mae. As he goes to punch her he is ignited from standing to close to their lit fireplace. Though, Ed begs and screams for Mae to extinguish and save him, she stands by and watches as her husband dies. After Ed's death instead of greaving Mae smiles at her nw sound sense of freedom. Alicia, the begins to feel guilty and feels responsible for Ed's death she goes to console Mae but is shocked when instead of being sad Mae is happy and elated. A funeral is held for Ed in which few people attend. Afterwards Mae and Agatha celebrate, Escobar then arrives and Mae invites him in for some cake. Mae and Escobar then begin dating happily and he soon moves in with her and Agatha, who also likes Escobar. Mae then endures a transformation and loses all her excess weight, gets a new wardrobe and even cuts her hair. Escobar is motionless when he looks upon the new and happy Mae. Their relationship hits a bump, when Escobar's conservative mother Lucia Reyes returns to see her son. She quikcly begins to belittle Mae and their situation of living together in sin. Her pressure soon becomes too much and Escobar asks Mae to marry him. It is revealed that she accepted when a small ceremony is held in the back yard that night. Though Escobar and Lucia are happy about the marriage and want to throw a party, Mae is hesitant and scared as Edward died only days before. She then begins to withdraw from Escobar which escalates into a discussion that ends with her asking for a divorce, just until she is ready to re-marry, meaningfullly.

Escobar is angry but grants Mae her divorce but the two contonue dating. Mae eventually gets the courage to stand up to Lucia who then begins treating her wth some respect. Mae and Escobar's relationship continues to deteriorate and he begins to become catatonic around Mae. Then Candi Cabot and Jasper Centowski use Mae in their ploy to get Jasper's widowed father, Hank, to perk up by purposely breaking Mae and Escobar up so that she can date Hank. Their plan works better than expected as Mae goes to pick Agatha up from school one afternoon, Hank runs into her and quickly asks hher to get some coffee and talk about PTA related issues. When Jasper and Candi come home from school that day they walk in on Hank and Mae and go tell Escobar, prompting them to break up. Mae then begins to somewhat date Hank. She gets a job as a receptionist at the local spa. However, her relationship with Hank soon fails. One morning Mae comes downstairs in her home to discover that Hank has somehow gotten in and made breakfast, which deeply scares Mae. She then calls Escobar who comes to her aide and beats up Hank for his clingy behavior. It is later revealed that Hank had a breakdown and fled town and his son. Due to his heroic ways Mae and Escobar reunite. Mae then asks Escobar who told him about her coffee date with Hank. Together they are puzzled as to why Candi would do such a thing. Candi, then racked with guilt, admots everything to Mae and Escobar as well as Ted Swirl. Mae then asks Ted to tell Alicia and accepts Candi's apology. However, Ted doesn't tell Alicia, which leads to their inevitable divorce. Mae eventually tells Alicia weeks later. As Escobar moves back in with her and Agatha, she tells him she is now ready... to marry him. He happily accepts her proposal and the two become re-engaged to Lucia's excitement. They then begin planning the wedding but put the plans on hold when Ted and Alicia get divorced. Eventually they get back to the wedding and the ceremony goes off without a flaw. On their happy wedding night, Mae then discovers that she is pregnant, which makes both partners eccstatic. Mae then encourages and helps Escobar create space in the home so he can open up a small art gallery for his paintings. She then tells the other women of her pregnancy and she offers Donna Talbot, who was initally short with Mae, the position as Escobar's art dealer as her husband Homer had just died. Donna accepts and begins to work closely with Escobar... too closely. Mae begins to notice her behavior and warns Escobar who tells her not too worry. Mae then eventually gives birth to their son, Isaac. However, their marriage begins to go downhill again when the Donna thing becomes too much to handle and in a moment of weakness she and Escobar kiss, and Agatha witnesses it. Escoba rconfesses to Mae and the two agree to a trial separation. The next night a small kitchen fire ensues and the fireman who outs it out, Todd Ford, instantly flirts with Mae and it results into a one night stand that leaves Mae guilt ridden. She then decides to just let her life go the way it's supposed to and when she returns to work where she later comforts Winston Halcoyn over his divorce from Mary Ann Werner. They laugh about ther runined personal lives and in turn share a kiss.


Mae, before her transformation.

After that Mae and Winston begin to see each other but only in a physical manner. Though they keep their personal relationship to the bedroom both become vulnerable to each other and confess their faults and true feelings about the people in their lives. Eventually Escobar discovers that Mae was right and that Donna is in desperate need of medical attention and he finally confronts her which sends her into a full blown melt down. He then admits that he thought about Mae the whole time they were together and leaves but makes sure her daughter, Chloe Talbot, is there to help in her recovery. Escobar then suprises Mae at home and confesses his wrong doings and proclaims his love for her. Mae then tells him to leave as she needs to time to review their relationship. Afterwords, she goes to see Winston and they have a heart to heart. Winston acknowledges that he knew their relationship had no other merit other than woo hoo. He then tells her to not make a big mistake and go back to her husband. She then leaves but tells Winston to not let her (Mona) get away again. She then finds Escobar and the two reunite as man and wife. They then begin to become a family again and try to plan Agatha's birthday party for her but she instead tells them that she has a suprise for them. Mae tries to figure out what it could be and is shocked when it is revealed to be Edward's parents, Roy and Belinda. Agatha, now an adult, confronts her mother and emands the truth. Mae then breaks down and reveals Edward's true peril and that he could have been saved but she simply stood and watched him die. Agatha then tells her mother she is leaving to stay with her grand-parents and wishes to never speak to her again. Soon after Aggie returns when her grand-parents told her that she was being too hard on Mae and that she was just trying to protect them both. Agatha and Mae then reconcile and they all become a family once more. However, their happiness is short lived when Agatha gets a call that her father, Martin, has passed away. Mae and Escobar then come to the tentative conclusion to move back to her hometown and live in her childhood home and to tend to Martin's affairs/estate. She and Escobar leave the house to Agatha who chooses to remain in Sun-Crest Point. On the morning they leave they are suprised by a going away party for them as well as Lucia and her newest beau, Trent Andrews. One of their friends asks if they want to renew their vows, Mae and Escobar laugh it off and say they don;t need to and are as in love as ever. But Lucia and Trent take up the offer and marry there on the spot. After that Mae, Issac and Escobar ride off into the horizon with Lucia and Trent. Trent would later return to Sun-Crest Point to see his son, Reggie Andrews and tell him that Lucia dided due to her age and that he is not well himself.

Return Arc

Mae returns at the end of the Werner/Grendel Kidnapping storyline. Just as Aggie meets a woman named Cleo Enots. Mae comes to town with Isaac who will soon age into a teenager. She then reveals to Agatha that Cleo is in fact her twin sister. When Mae became pregnant with Agatha she was having twins but was un-aware of it and when she gave birth, Edward, who desperately wanted a boy felt he couldn't deal with two girls and gave Cleo up without Mae's knowing and reveresed her last name (Enots is Stone backwards). Apparently when Escobar and Mae were just settlingin in Mae's old home Cleo showed up and told Mae that she was her daughter and a DNA test proved so as well. However, this once again damaged her marriage to Escobar and when they learnt of Lucia's death he began an affair with a woman named Daphne Quill and he and Mae have once more separated. She then tells Agatha that she and Isaac are staying in town for him to enter high school at Sun-Crest High or until she figures things out with Escobar. Agatha welcomes her mother back but Jessica must evacuate the house with her mother, half-brother and new found sister living with her. Mae manages to catch up with Alicia just as she and Ted leave town, on her way back home she meets the new Social Club Chair, Blake Dasani, a man much younger than Mae.... in fact he is as old as her daughters. However, she becomes drawn to his charisma and charm. At the time Cleo begins an affair with Blake not only hurting her mother but Derwood Halcoyn whom Cleo was beginning to see. Blake then invites Mae to come to one of his "meetings" at the club he runs and she agrees to do so.

Mae is horrified and trapped when she goes to the meeting and learns that Blake is in fact the head of a satanic cult... and she's the sacrafice. Mae fights Blake off of her and in the process causes a piece of machinery to spark and set the entire club a blaze. Blake and all his followers manages to evacuate the building but they leave Mae for dead. Mae is pulled from the fire but in critical condition and as Reggie and Monica Bremmer work to revive her, she awakens in limbo. There she once again sees Daria, Lucia, Martin and even Edward and her mother, Helen. She tells them that with the state her life is in she doesn't mind crossing to the other side with them. Together they all manage to convince Mae to give life another chance. She remains hesitant and Edward tells her that he doesn;t hold it against her for not saving him and he apologizes for being awful and keeping Cleo's existence from her. Mae and Edward gain closure but Mae still wishes to remain with her lost loved ones. It then takes a one on one talking to between Helen and Mae. Helen reminds Mae all she has to live for her son and daughters, her friends and Escobar who still loves her and comes running when he learns that she was almost killed. With this revelation Mae says goodbye again to her fallen loved ones and is revived in the hospital. Escobar then comes running when he learns of her condition. Realizing how much Mae means to him, he asks her to get back together. However, Mae reveals that she has lost her short term memory, as well as the love she once harbored for Escobar and, declines his offer to reconcile. Escobar hopes Mae would regain her memory by sharing a kiss with him, this fails as well.

Mae also retains no memory in reagrds to her attack and, believes that she and Blake are still dating and in love. However, Blake ends their relationship when he learsn of Mae's condition and, sets his cruel sights on Marylin Kincaid... who he also later attempts to kill but, fails. Aggie then asks Cleo to tell mae that Balke, whom Mae had fallen in love with, was cheating on her with Cleo. Cleo denies at first, worried about the relationship she and Mae have but, later confesses... hoping to revive her mother's memory. This atempts alos fails but, Cleo and Mae remain close despite Cleo's betrayal. Mae then sets her sights on Kurt Grinaldi, the ex-boyfriend of Karen, who was actually brought to town to help Mae regain her memory... as he is a therapist. He attempts to get Mae to see him but, she is beant on pursuing a romantic relationship with him. Kurt finally gives in and they begin "dating" which is really just Kurt analyzing Mae during their dates. mae then divorces Escobar, thinking she has a future with Kurt. She soon realizes what is going on and, is crushed when Kurt tells her nothing can happen between them because he loves Karen, whom he leaves Mae for. Mae then sleeps with Arnold Werner, to spite both Karen and Kurt. She then ponders about seeing Arnie as a boyfriend but, decides not so after discovering he still carries a torch for Karen. Karen and Arnold then reconcile and, Mae and Kurt decide to give an actual relationship a try. They quickly fall in love and, Kurt asks Mae to marry him, Mae hastily accepts his offer.

Mae and Kurt then marry in a small and, intimate ceremony. Just as it seems Mae is getting her happy ending, her memory and love for Escobar returns to her just as she and Kurt are pronounced husband and wife. Mae then informs Travis Cabot of what Balke did to her and, tells Kurt that she loves Escobar. However, Kurt refuses to grant Mae an easy divorce at fiorst, feeling that she has not actually given him a fair chance. Mae also becomes disheartened when she learns that Escobar has moved to France, with Catherine. With some urging from Aggie, Cleo and, Isaac Kurt comes to realize that he may love Mae but, she and Escobar will alays be bound by the eternal love they hols for one another and divorces her, setting her free. mae then travels to France, in search of Escobar. She soon finds Escobar, still dating Catherine. However, this doesn't stop Mae from professing her love for Escobar, informing him of her memories return and, divorce from Kurt. Escobar and Mae then share a passionate kiss and, reunite again. Escobar then speaks to Catherine regarding their relationship. Catherine, not wanting to stand in the way of true love, allows Escobar and Mae to be together and they part ways amicablly. Mae then decides to remain in France with Escobar. She briefly returns to Sun-Crest Point to collect her things and, says goodbye to all her children, she leaves to France. She also tells Aggie to get back together with Ben Tenney, whom Agatha had just recently broken up with. Mae then returns to france with Escobar. It is then said in passing by Aggie that her mother lives in France.

Family Revelations

Mae and Escobar return to the series when it is discovered that not only is Jasper alive, but that is new timid wife is also the daughter of Mae. It is Monica Bremmer who makes the discovery but the credit goes to Thea Green. Nell reveals that she always knew she was adopted, but never knew who her real parents were. It is revealed that Mae had actually given birth to triplets (Aggie, Cleo and Nell). However, a medical resident at the time named Val Hayes, had taken one of the babies after learning she couldn't have any of her own and Edward (not knowing he and Mae had actually had three daughters) gave Cleo away. Mae is speechless and furious with her late husband who thinks he had organized the entire things, but a visit from his ghost once more reveals he too had no idea of Nell's existence and he again apologizes to Mae. Meanwhile, Escobar too learns he had a half-sister and now has two nieces. Mae and Nell have difficulty connecting at first while Cleo and Nell bond right away due to their similar up bringing. Aggie returns to town, freshly divorced to meet her newest sister. She and Cleo have an icy reception but after a night of talking with their mother and half-brother, they family is able to form a bond and Mae is even more touched when she learns that Nell's full name is Helen "Nell" Hayes. Mae apologizes for not having been there for Nell, but she manages to quell Mae's anxiety. After putting their families back together, Escobar asks Mae to marry him for a third time. She happily accepts. The pair plan a small event, but soon enough the whole town arrives for it. The wedding goes off perfectly, and Escobar and Mae inform their children, relatives, and friends that they are returning to France to oversee the abroad gallery.

And In The End

Mae and Escobar return to attend the funeral of Alicia Cabot. Mae is heartbroken that she did not get to see Alicia before she died. She reveals that she has spoken with Donna and Saul who are unable to attend due to a political summit. Mae speaks with Cleo and Isaac, her only two children still remaining in town. Mae encourages Ray Jordan to tell Cleo how he feels. While Escobar warns Isaac that his new wife, Alexa Cabot may be in love with someone else. They also attend the wedding of Candi and Jasper. Mae reveals that Agatha and Ben are fairing well a second time around, while Nell and Bernard are as in love as ever. She and Escobar then reunite with old friends, and are seen in the flash forward a year later at Janet and George's wedding, still alive and as in love as ever.


Mae has been married a total of five times, to three man

Mae has three children

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