Lucia Andrews
The Longing Lucia








Lucia Rosa (maiden name)
Lucia Reyes (first married name)
Lucia Irving (second married name)
Lucia Andrews (thrid married name)


Ricardo Reyes (husband; deceased)
Carter Irving (ex-husband)
Trent Andrews (husband)


William Halcoyn (ex-boyfriend; deceased)
Ralph Grendel (ex-boyfriend)
Victor Beckett (ex-lover)


Escobar Reyes (son)
Reggie Andrews (step-son)
Angela Andrews (step-daughter)


Mae Reyes (daughter-in-law)
Isaac Reyes (grand-son)

Cause for Departure

Left Town After Feeling her Work was Done. (1st Time)
Left Town After being Used by Carter Irving. (2nd Time)
Left Town After Marrying Trent Andrews. (3rd Time)
Appeared as a spirit to Mae. (4th Time)


Lucia Andrews (nee Rosa, previously Reyes and Irving) is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point.


Lucia returns to town just as her son, Escobar Reyes, finishes moving in with his then girlfriend, Mae McBride. She is old-fashioned and a widow, so she makes her dis-appointment in the arrangement quickly known. She begins to berate Mae and claims that they should only beliving together if they are engaged or married. She tells her son that it is noble of him to fall in love with a widow. Mae tries to win Lucia over and allows her to stay with her, Escobar and Agatha. Lucia's pressures are finally heard and Escobar and Mae marry quietnly and privately one evening in the backyard. However, the marriage quickly deteriorates and mae and Escobar divorce, to Lucia's chanrgin. She and Escobar then move out. Lucia comforts Escobar and he tells her she should start looking for her own love again since his father and her husband, Ricardo, passed away. Lucia the sometime later meets William Halcoyn and they begin dating, to Daria Grendel's shock. She is accompanied by him to his grand-son's birthday party. After his long thought dead wife, Rosanna Halcoyn, exposes his true nature Lucia dumps him. She is then comforted by Escobar and after Candi Cabot tells Escobar that Mae was having coffee with Hank Centowski, Lucia tells Escobar she knew Mae was no good. She then goes to visit Ricardo's grave and meets Ralph Grendel. She then can't help herself and begins to make eyes for Ralph. After various phone calls and meetings. Ralph surrenders and agrees to a date and the two actually have a good time. Ralph agrees to a second date and they begin a slight romance. However, due to Escobar's bitter break up with Mae they kee their relationship under wraps, seeing as Escobar is slightly older than Ralph. Though they have a nice time Ralph and Lucia share a mutual break up when realizing that they don't have a real future together.

Lucia then helps Escobar through his isolation and bitterness after his break up with Mae. She takes his easel away and forces him to admit that he is hurting and that he still loves Mae, which he tearfully does. After that Lucia returns his easel and Escobar begins to lighten up. She is then revealed to be an old friend of Rosanna's. She tells Rosanna that when she was dating Will she didn't know she was still alive. Rosanna tel sher that she is only happy that she spared Lucia the same pain she endured. However, Lucia later sees in Rosanna's eyes that she still loves William. She then asks her if she does and though Rosanna tries to hold it in she confesses that she does in fact still love William Halcoyn. Lucia then tells Rosanna that she needs to tell William how she truly feels and if she thinks he has changed than she should go for it. Lucia is then elated when she learns that Escobar and Mae have reconcilced and are getting re-married. She helps them plan out the big and lavish event. They briefly put off planning after Alicia Cabot and Ted Swirl, get divorced. When they get back on track and the big day appraoches Laucia tells her family that after the wedding, she will be leaving Sun-Crest Point, as she no longer feels needed. All her friends and family tell her that they would love to have her stick around and that she will always be missed and needed. Lucia thanks them and tells them that she'll be back. She visits Ricrdo's grave again and after Mae and Escobar get married she gathers her things and leaves town, hugging her daughter-in-law, son and step-grand-daughter.

Return to See Isaac/Marriage to Carter

Lucia then returns to Sun-Crest Point, shortly after the birth of her first, biological, grand-child, Isaac Reyes. However, she doesn't come alone. Lucia brings a man named Carter Irving with her who is revealed to be her fiance. Lucia meets Isaac and tells Mae that she also considers Agatha to be her grand-daughter as well. It's learned that Carter's wife has died making him widowed as well. He also has a son named Ethan Irving. Lucia then notices Donna Talbot's ultra-affectionate behavior around Escobar and becomes suspicious of her motives. She warns Mae and Mae tells Lucia that she knows and fells that Escobar won't succumb to Donna's desperate adavances. Eventually Lucia and Carter's marriage is put forward and they marry while they are in town in a small ceremony. Though Lucia is happy, Escobar feels Carter is hiding something. After Mae confronts Donna about her relationship with Escobar she struggles to admit hat her marriage is in trouble and breaks down with Lucia to console her. Then when Carter forms a merger with his company with Halcoyn Comm. she struggles to get a hold of him and thinks something has happened to her husband. However, Ralph informs her that Carter was using both of them as his comapny was failing and he formed a merger with Halcoyn Comm. to garner access to their funds. He has taken all the money and fled town. He then shows Lucia the message that Carter left him, confessing everything and telling Lucia that he only used her because he needed a legit connection to come to town. Lucia then gets her marriage to Carter annulled and leaves town once again.

Final Return

Lucia returns once more to Sun-Crest Point after she ebcomes ill and believes she is going to die. However, upon her arrival in town she recovers from her illness and spends some quality time with her newly reunited family. One afternoon as they have a family lunch at Karen's cafe, Lucia exchanges glances with Trent Andrews, the father of Reggie Andrews. The two fall in love at first sight but make no effort to initiate a relationship. Lucia runs into Trent the following day as he wanders the streets of town, angry and upset after learning that his son is actually gay and married to a man (Harry Repel). She asks him to speak to her and the two have a long and heartfelt conversation that end with two things, Trent accepting his son's exuality and they two of them hopelessly in love with each other. Lucia then accompanies Trent as he reconciles with his son and welcomes Harry and theyr adoptive daughter, Veronica to the family. Trent and Lucia then announce that the enxt day they will be leaving town, just like Escobar and Mae. They arrive during the going away party and when Mae and Escobar's friends ask if they want to renew their vows they opt not to saying they are alreay as in love as can be. Trent then takes the opportunity and asks Lucia to marry him right there and she accepts. The two then marryin in the Reyes living room. They then pack up their car and like her son and Mae drive out of town and into the distance.


Trent returns to town after informing Escobar and Mae of Lucia's death due to her old age. Lucia dies out of sight. However, she once more appears (in spirit form) when Mae is in a horrible fire. Mae arrives at limbo, unsure if she'll survive the injuries she endured from the fire as Reggie Andrews and Monica Bremmer work to revive her. Together with Daria, Martin Mae's late mother Helen and even Edward they manages to convince Mae to go back and be with those she loves as her time has not come yet.

The Sun Also Rises

In the Mini-Series Spin-off, Lucia is married to Ricardo Reyes, the sole provided for her and, her soon to be teenage son, Escobar. However, Ricardo quickly becomes ill and, Lucia, a lifelong homemaker, is forced to enter the work force. She manages to get a job over at the local grocery store as a clerk but, she finds that she is stretched too thin. When Escobar becomes a teenager, Lucia decides that it would be best to send Escobar away to live with Ricardo’s sister, Delicia. Shortly, after Escobar leaves town, Ricardo succumbs to his illness and passes away, leaving Lucia a widow. She contemplates bringing Escobar back earlier but, after hearing of his excelling in school, she has him stay put.

Shortly after Ricardo’s death, Lucia discovers that Ricardo had fathered another child while they were married, a daughter named Soledad. Lucia then realizes that Ricardo had left a hefty sum of money to his daughter but none to his ex-lover. In his will he apologizes to Lucia but, explains that at the time they were separated after he lost his job years back. A heartbroken Lucia then goes out and, comes across a drunken Victor Beckett, after just having divorced Daria. Angry and, grieving Lucia and, Victor begin a short affair. Their affair ends when Victor, drunk, sets Lucia’s house on fire. She ends their affair and, used the money that was Soledad’s to fix her home.

Escobar returns after having graduated, with hopes to become an artist but, Lucia makes him find work as a gardener until he can get on his feet. She nearly tells Escobar that he has a half-sister but, ultimately withholds the information from him. She then travels to Ricardo’s grave, telling him she understands what he did but, she cannot bring herself to hurt Escobar the way he hurt her. Wanting to protect the image Escobar has of his father, Lucia takes the secret to her grave.

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