Louise Berts
[[Snapshot 3e0c8766 5e0c8dfb|250px]]
Vital statistics
Title Louise Berts
Gender Female
Life state Human
Zodiac sign Fortune
Health Good
Life stage (March 4 1997 - Young Adult) 19
Status Playable
Neighborhood Middleground
Louise Marie Elizabeth Berts (born March 4 1997) is an American-Australian singer-actress

Early Life

Louise was born in Middleground to an American teacher and an Australian doctor, at the age of 6, her parents died in a fire and she was sent to an orphanage for adoption, Louise was adopted by actress Belle Kanickle.

In November 2005, when Louise was 8 years old, she and Lucinda Kanickle did their own YouTube channel, Smoshette.

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