Lisa Mamo

Name: Lisa Mamo
Gender: Female


Siblings: Taven, Jack, Margret
Spouse: Luke Holmes (lover)

The Sims 3

Life stage: Young Adult
Traits: Bookworm, Neat, Vegetarian, No Sense Of Humor, Dislikes Children
Favorites: Jazz, Rice, Orange

Neighborhood: Titanaville

Lisa Mamo is the third child of the Mamo family. She has been dating Luke Holmes for a small while, but after seeing him talk to Yuna, his sister, on the phone, she thinks she is his real girlfriend. Lisa finds Yuna and sends her the wrong way to her near death. When she and her brothers, Taven and Jack, see Luke waiting for Yuna and his other sister, Emily, they learn the truth and rescue Yuna. She takes an inmediant dislike on Lisa, but becomes friends with Taven and Jack. What happens to Lisa when she tells Luke about what she did to Yuna is a vote, but many think he will dump her. We will find out later on.

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