Lavinia Troy is the illegitimate daughter of Octavia Troy, the product of her one-night-stand with Tylissus Knossos. She knows full well that her father is not the husband of her mother, but she thinks she's lucky to have a dad as 'cool' as Tylissus. Lavinia is slightly neurotic, and has mild OCD. She finds it hard to leave the house without checking to see that the stove really is turned off... three or four times. She is good friends with Fortuna Fallen and Clarisse Bisette.
Lavinia Tylissa Troy
Hi! My name is Lavinia Troy!
Name Lavinia Tylissa Troy
Gender Female
Life State Human
Life stage Teen
Aspiration Knowledge
Sign Gemini

The Troy Family
Parents Tylissus Knossos, Octavia Troy
Sibling(s) Scribonius Troy (half-brother)

Neighborhood Mille Fleurs

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