Knut Liefsson is the newly-wedded husband of Tyra Liefsson. They live in a large apartment near the shore. Tyra kept talking about having a child, but for the longest time Knut would just shrug and continue on, usually downstairs to visit his friend Kerah Chandler. Maybe he should have told Tyra that he's not really fond of kids before she convinced him to have WooHoo. Then again, what are the odds that she's pregnant?
Etymology: Knut comes from the Norse word knutr, meaning 'knot'.
Knut Liefsson
Hi! My name is Knut Liefsson!
Name Knut Liefsson
Gender Male
Life State Human
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Popularity
Sign Leo

The Liefsson Family
Parents Unknown
Sibling(s) None
Spouse(s) Tyra Liefsson
Child(ren) Unborn Son (Odin Liefsson)

Neighborhood Mille Fleurs

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