Kendra Copper and Andre Sharp are a main super-couple in the Ribbon Heights series.

Kendra and Andre are introduced by Kendra's then fiance, Eli Bear. Andre was to serve as the best man in their wedding as he and Eli were best friends. However, there is an immediate attraction between Kendra and Andre and the two emabrk in a secret affair. Kendra ends their affair when she feels that she must marry Eli out of duty. When their fated wedding day arrives Andre offers Kendra to run ooff with him and marry him. She initially rejects his offer and goes along with the wedding. However, half-way down the aisle Kendra has second thoughts and runs off with Andre.

When Kendra and Andre return to Ribbon Heights they inform their friends that they have married. Kendra then discovers that she and Andre are pregnant. She finds Pregnancy taxing and when she and Andre move into their new house they soon discover that their living cost and the cost of the baby will eventually drain them financially. Kendra then gives birth to her and Andre's son, Guy. After their son's arrival Kendra, a novelist, begins to drink a lot of coffee so she can write more and finish her book and recieve a paycheck so they can get out of debt.

Kendra then becomes addicted to cafinne and he and Andre's marriage detiorates when she is so hyper she abandons Guy at Norma and Steven's wedding. After that Andre takes Guy and leaves town for a few days. Upon his return he asks Kendra for a divorce, even though she is seeking help for her addiction by seeing Wendy Jule. Kendra and Andre then divorce. Kendra then embarks on a short affair with Derek Siddle, but calls it off. Kendra then begins to date a man anmed Lee, which sparks jealousy in Andre. He then informs Kendra he is taking Guy and leaving Ribbon Heights. She then relapses but comes clean and sobers up again.

She fights to keep her son but ultimately loses custody and Andre and Guy leave. Kendra then publishes a best-selling book and dumps Lee. She is then more saddened when she learns that Andre has become engaged to a woman named Jules. She then begins to date on older man named Vladamir Color. It is revealed that Vlad and Kendra's mother, Ruth, once dated. However, Vlad and Kendra manage to fall in love and over time they marry. Andre then returns to Guy sometime later and it is learned that he broke up with Jules. Kendra then recieves shocking news when Vladamir passes away due to old age.

When the stories pick up again five years later it is revealed that sometime later they reconciled and re-married. Shortly after the stories begin again Kendra falls pregnant a second time. She and Andre then welcome their second child, a daughter, whom they aptly name Gal. Then things become complicated again when Andre's mother, Ilyse comes to town and moves in with the family. As well as Kendra's half-sister, Elsie Copper. She and Andre struggle to maintain of two teenagers, Guy and Elsie while Kendra must endure Ilyse's spiteful and hurtful comments about Kendra's parenting.

Overtime Kendra begins to break-down from Ilyse's verbal abuse and Andre's in-ability to stand up to his mother. She then goes to get some air and runs into Floyd, who is briefly separated from Gillian. The two share an tender conversation and are about to kiss, when Kendra's mother Ruth intervenes. It is revealed that Kendra and Floyd are related as half-brother and half-sister. Kendra is forced to come clean to Andre who is mad that she nearly cheated on him. Kendra tries to talk to Andre, but Ilyse poisons him against her.

She finally grows a pair and shits Ilyse down and forced Andre to talk to her about the status of their amrriage and their future. When the stories resum, two years later, it is revealed that the two have worked out their problems and have remained together, Ilyse eventually leaves town after Kendra shuts her down. Guy then becomesa young adult and Kendra deals with her son growing up and marrying... to May's daughter Karina Urschel. Though she and Andre are against the unoin they attend their sons wedding as he and Karina love each other. The final scene of the two are them sharing a romantic lunch downtonw, now old and grey.


In the spin-off, ten years later, it is revealed that Andre and Kendra re still together and Gal is also now grown. Guy and Karina return and eventually give Kendra and Andre three grand-children; Myra and two adopted Terry and Eleanora. Gal would later go on and marry Regan Lillian and they would have twin girls: Harmony and Melody. Both Kendra and Andre died during the spin-off run.

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