Kendra Sharp
Kendra Sharp








Kendra Copper (maiden name)
Kendra Sharp (first/third married name)
Kendra Color (second married name)


Ruth Wren-Bear (mother; deceased)
Jack Copper (father; deceased)


Elsie Copper (half-sister)
Floyd Rebuff (half-brother)


Andre Sharp (ex-husband)
Vladamir Color (husband; deceased)
Andre Sharp (husband; deceased)


Eli Bear (ex-fiance)
Derek Siddle (ex-lover; deceased)


Guy Sharp (son)
Gal Sharp (daughter)


Ilyse Sharp (mother-in-law; deceased)
Karina Urschel (daughter-in-law)
Regan Lillian (son-in-law)
Ida Rebuff (niece; deceased)
Iris Rebuff (niece)
Chet Onassiser (nephew)
Terry Sharp (adoptive grand-son)
Myra Sharp (grand-daughter)
Eleanora Sharp (adoptive grand-daughter)
Harmony Lillian (grand-daughter)
Melody Lillian (grand-daughter)


Kendra Sharp (nee Copper, previously Color) is a sim in the town of Ribbon Heights. She has been best friends with Derek, Wendy, Gregg and Floyd since childhood. She is the daughter of Ruth Wren and Jack Copper. Her parents are divorced. When the stories open she is beginning her career as a writer. She is engaged to Eli Bear. She has a very hostile relationship with Derek's girlfriend, May.

Set 1

In the first story set, Kendra is engaged to her longtime love, Eli Bear, however, her parents and Eli's both dismiss the engagement and tell them that it's a foolish choice to get married so young. However, they puruse and continue with the engagement. When Kendra's father, Jack, begins dating Gregg's ex, Agnes he gives her an ultimatum: if she calls off the engagement he'll stop seeing Agnes, who is much younger than him. Kendra chooses to stay and marry Eli. When she tells her mother Ruth about this she comes around and realizes that Kendra does love Eli and then helps with the wedding plans. Kendra then meets Eli's best friend and best man, Andre Sharp. There is am immense attraction between the two and eventually then embark in an affair. Kendra calls off the affair before the wedding, telling herself she wants Eli. Agnes then reveals that she is pregnant with Jack's baby and Kendra's half-sibling. When the wedding day arrives Andre asks Kendra to runn off and marry him. She tells him no and the ceremony begins. However, half way down the aisle Kendra has a change of heart and runs off with Andre, leaving Eli at the altar. Jack and Agnes then decide to not let the wedding go to waste and get married, becoming a family before their baby arrives.

Set 2

The second story set, a month passes and Kendra returns to town with Andre, they have now married. They then have a party thrown for them when Kendra's step-mother, AGnes goes into labor. She gives birth to Kendra's half-sister, Elsie. Kendra then discovers something herself, she is pregnant. Her un-planned pregnancy then tests her marriage and those around her. She and Andre buy a house that they struggle to afford and Kendra begins to drink a ton of coffee so she can get as much work done as possible to pay the bills. She quickly becomes hooked on the stuff. She later gives brith to her and Andre's son, Guy. When Norma and Steven get married Kendra's addiction gets the best of her as she gets so hyper that she ignores Guy. Wendy later finds and takes care fo him. Kendra then begins seeing Wendy to get help. She soon re-lapses and gets addicted again. Wendy then confront sher again and threatens to call a social worker. Then Andre and Guy disappear and Kendra becomes paranoid. She then gets a call fron Andre who took Guy. Kendra later tells her friends that she and Andre are divorcing.

Set 3

The third story set, Kendra deals with the fall out of her divorce from Andre. Once their divorce becomes final, she becomes greatly depressed as all her friends are happily in love. she and Andre then bicker as to a custody agreement with Guy, they soon reach one. Kendra later begins a short romance with a man named Lee. When it looks like she and Andre are about to reconcile she chooses Lee. However, she and Lee quickly break up. Andre then announces that he will be moving out of town, taking Guy with him. Kendra does what she can buy Andre and Guy leave. Then Agnes arrives on her doorstep and leaves her half-sister Elsie with her and disappears. Kendra then begins raising her sister, which almost becomes too much for her. However, her cousin, Orlnado Dark. Her aunt Elsa's son, arrives in town and helps Kendra out and begins to date Wendy.

Set 4

In the fourth set, Kendra is now raising Elsie. However, Agnes returns and demands Elsie back. Kendra tells her no as she abandoned her. Eventually She gives Elsie back as Kendra was only holding on to her to make up for her son being gone. She later re-lapses back into her caffine addiction but is confronted by Wendy. She sobers up again and this time for good. She then calls Andre and asks him to brng Guy to town so she can see him, he agrees. Andre and Guy move back to Ribbon Heights. Andre then informs Kendra that he is engaged to a girl named Jules. She tells him she is seeing someone, a lie. She later meets an older sim, Vladamir Color. He takes a liking to her and asks her out, she accepts. Andre and Jules break up. Kendra and Vlad fall in love and marry in a small ceremony. With Guy as their only witness. Ruth then reveals to Kendra the she thinks she ahd an affair with Vlad when she was engaged to Jack years and yars ago. Vlad says it's true but he loves Kendra. Vlad becomes sick which worries Kendra due to his age. He recovers but his old age soo claims his life as he dies.

Set 5

In the fifth set, five years later, it is revealed that Kendra and Andre have re-married and are living happily with Guy. Kendra then discovers she is pregnant for a second time and she and Andre are overjoyed. She, along with Gregg suspects Jonah Weller of something bad. Elsie is now living with them but she gets out of hand which leads to Kendra calling Agnes who reveals that Elsie ran away because she dis-approved of Agnes re-marrying.... to Ambrose. Kendra and Elsie then reconcile but Elsie then returns to her mother and step-father's home. Kendra then gives birth to her and Andre's daughter whom they name Gal.

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