Kelly Wilt (nee McGaw) was a sim in the town of Pineview. She doesn't appear until Devlin Wilt becomes a teenager. They begin dating as teens. Kelly was rebelious and wore her hair short and wore punk clothes. She and Devlin eventually fell in love. When they aged into adults Devlin and her moved into their own house. She and Devlin would return to Anita's home just days after Annabel and Sigrid moved back in. They had to move back in because they couldn't pay the bills at their house and the repo-man took everythiing donw to the toilet. Devlin also announces when they move in that he has married Kelly and that she is pregnant. Kelly eventually gives birth to a son, whom she and Devlin name Abel. When Anita and Devlin feud because Devlin didn't tell Anita of his wedding or marriage Kelly talks to Anita and she helps the two of them make ammends. She and Devlin go through a rough patch when she refuses to get a job but she evntually does get a job and helps out around the house.

The Fire

Kelly attends the fire along with the rest of the Wilt gang. Abel is a child by this time. When the fire breaks out Kelly does not make it out and she is killed in the blaze. She left behind her husband and son.

Kelly Wilt
Name Kelly Wilt
Gender Female
Life stage Adult
Sign Leo

Spouse(s) Devlin Wilt (husband)
Child(ren) Abel Wilt (son)

Neighborhood Pineview

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