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Kelly Carlin is a created sim by Nick De Leon who made her first appearance in The Sims. She is the daughter of Bronco Carlin, and Moonbeam Mist, and is the lesbian wife of GRB 0196.


Kelly was born to Bronco Carlin, a Native American-like man, and Moonbeam Mist, a hippie. During her childhood she had lots of freedom from her parents cause as hippies, they allowed her too. She was home-schooled by her parents but she was only taught how to be like them. As a teenager she developed an affection for women, which explains her marriage to GRB 0196.

When she grown up, Kelly moved from Melbourne to Pleasantview where she met GRB and her brother, SCF 1243 who just moved into their current residence at 14 Arbor Grove. At the time Kelly was living with her cousins, Zach McBurney II and his sister Emma. She gotten married to GRB on July 15, 2013.

Personal life

Kelly currently works as a Hair Stylist in the Fashion career with all the skills required to get promoted to Makeup Artist.

Photo Gallery


  • Her name and appearance is a parody to that of American pop-singer, Kelly Clarkson.

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