Kelli Kennedy is the daughter of Talyst Shostak and Erin Kennedy.

Kelli Kennedy
Kelli Kennedy
Kelli was born in a complicated family. She wants to prove to the world that art is the way to go, but will her obsession lead her to a successful life or will it drag her down into oblivion?


Kelli Kennedy




Talyst Shostak (Father), Erin Kennedy (Mother and Deceased), Trish Shostak (Half-Sister), Nikita Shostak (Half-Sister), Danial Daisy (Half-Brother & Deceased), Tracy Kennedy (Daughter & Deceased)


Bill Mott (Male)


Tracy Kennedy (Female & Deceased)



Life state:



Artistic, Athletic, Born Saleswoman, Green Thumb, Neurotic



Cause of death:



Kelli was born in Cottage Cheese. Her mother and father weren't even boyfriend and girlfriend. She was a good student in school, but she didn't get an A. She also started to practice painting. When she became a teenager, she made her first paintings, but kept them until she turned into a young adult so she could sell them in the consignment store for more money. Erin, however, died of thirst because she was outside for too long. Kelli wasn't as depressed as other people would be because she wasn't friends with her mother. She got an A in high school and became a born saleswoman to increase her painting's worth. She self-employed herself in the Painter career. She immediately went to the seventh level when she sold three of her paintings at once.

Birth of Tracy

During this time, she hired a maid to help her with cleaning. After a while, a new maid came because the other one was becoming old. This maid was a man called Bill Mott. Kelli really enjoyed talking with him and they became good friends the same day. Bill stayed over for the night and in the morning they kissed and became boyfriend and girlfriend. They then woohooed. Kelli then became pregnant. She moved to an apartment which was next to her father's new house to accomodate herself better. Her new daughter Tracy Kennedy was born. Kelli looked after her very well and taught her all her basic skills.


Kelli's first famous painting was of the Goth Manor which sold for about §4,500. She really became famous when she painted a portrait of Tracy as a toddler, which was worth a wooping §11,666 of only brilliant quality. In her lifetime, she made about §186,118 just from her painting career.


A lot of bad things were happening in Kelli's life at the time. She had been arrested two times for raiding the supermarket and hospital, Danial Daisy had died, the family bought Landgraab Sell n' Swap and a Bwan Speedster YL causing the family to become poor and repomen were taking their items away. She lost her grip on life and she commited suicide by drowning herself.

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