Kathleen Bijou is a Sim living in Sunset Valley with her famous, married parents, Sugar Bijou and Kai Leiko. Kathleen was originally born in Bridgeport, but moved when Sugar wanted to get a better boss for her buissiness career and when Kai wanted to look after Kathleen when she was a child and when Kathleen wanted to practice being a Singer. Kathleen is best friends with Miraj Alvi and Illiana Langerak. She is enemies with the NPC Sim Cora Francisco. Kathleen´s natural hair colour was bright red, but it is now black with purple highlights in. As a Toddler, Kathleen wore a flowery dress with dotty shoes. As a child she wore a black Indian sundress with black pants. As a Teenager, she wore a black dress with tights and high heeled boots. And as a Young Adult she wore a sparkling silver dress with strapped DKNY high heels. Her favorites are blue, Rockabiity and stir fry. She has long shraight hair and is an Aries.

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