Karina Sharp (nee Urschel) is a sim in the town of Ribbon Heights. She is the daughter of the hostile May Haller. She is a recurring/guest character in the original series.

Set 3

Karina is born in the third set. Her mother and father are May and Kline Urschel. She has one cousin, Rupert by her late uncle, Kelvin and Gladys Telfair. When she is born her cousin Rupert is already living with her and her family.

Set 4

In the fourth set, Karina is simply being cared for by her parents. She is almost killed when Gladys reveals she is Rupert's mother and her ex-husband, Basil, sets their house fire with her in it. However, she survives.

Set 5

In the fifth set, 5 years later, Karina has become a child and is now living alone with her parents whose marriage is on un-level ground. The news of both her parent's affairs breaks her heart. However, her parents work through it.

Set 6

In the sixth set, Karina often is seen attend political events with her parents as her father runs for Mayor. She is excited when her parents tell her she will be getting a borther or sister. However, May starves herself while pregnant so as to still look slimming for the cameras. She eventually dies as a result of the starvation and so does the un-born baby. Kline then takes Karina, drops out of the race and leaves town.

Set 9

Karina and Kline resurface in the ninth set. She quickly ages into a young adult and begins dating old pal, Guy Sharp. She is in favor of her father dating and re-marrying to Roberta. Kendra, who doesn't want Guy to propose to Karina, spoils the suprise. As a result of this Karina dumps Guy at her father's wedding.

Set 10

In the tenth set, Karina and Guy reconcile and become engaged. After much planning they marry in the finale and move far away with Kline and Roberta.

Ribbon Heights 2.0

In 2.0 Karina and Guy return to Ribbon Heights 10 years later. Now adults with no kids. She is a regular.

Set 1

In the first set, Karina and Guy return to Ribbon Heights after their 10 year absence. They have become adults and have no children. Her mother-in-law, Kendra Sharp, immediately begins pressuring them for grand-kids. It is revealed that Karina and Guy did have an adoptive son whose biological mother re-claimed and he was taken away, breaking their hearts. Eventually Karina and Guy decide to have a baby, biologically. She becomes pregnant and gives birth to their daughter, Myra. However, Kendra begins spending too much time at their home leading to a nasty confrontation. She and Guy take Myra and decide to go on a long needed vacation.

Set 2

In the second set, 2 months later, Guy, Karina and Myra return from their extended vacation to find a teenage boy has been living in their home. The boy is Terry, Guy and Karina's former adopted son. He tells them his mother has died and asks if they will re-adopt him. They gladly do and are a family reunited. However, Kendra then talks to Terry and tells him to be careful or else she will get him if he breaks Guy's or Karina's hearts again. He tells them and Guy shits her out. After a while Karina comes around and tries to convince him to reconcile with her, to no avail.

Karina Sharp
Hi! My name is Karina Urschel!
Name Karina Sharp
Gender Female
Life stage Adult
Sign Aries

Parents Kelvin Urschel (uncle; deceased)
Kline Urschel (father)
May Haller-Urschel (mother; deceased)
Roberta Urschel (step-mother)
Sibling(s) Rupert Urschel (cousin)
Mystery Sim (sibling; deceased)
Spouse(s) 'Guy Sharp (husband)
Henri Deux
Child(ren) Terry Sharp (adoptive son)
Myra Sharp (daughter)

Neighborhood Ribbon Heights

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