Jorja Sell (nee Friz) is a sim in the town of Pineview. She is born in TNG storylines. She is the child of Melissa Shin and Dante Friz. She has one half-brother, Jacque Schwann. She is a teenager as of the Generation 03 storylines. She then begins dating Ljot Sell.

Pineview: Descendants

In the finale, 20 years later Jorja has married her sweetheart, Ljot Sell, they have no children.

Jorja Sell
Name Jorja Sell
Life stage Elder
Sign Cancer

Parents Byron Shin (grand-father; deceased)
Clara Shin (grand-mother; deceased)
Melissa Friz (mother; deceased)
Dante Friz (father)
Sibling(s) Jacque Schwann (half-brother)
Spouse(s) Ljot Sell (husband)

Neighborhood Pineview

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