Johann Wilson is a sim in the town of Pineview. He doesn't appear until The Next Generation storylines. He is the main love-interest of Martine Youth. They begin dating as teens and Martine's mother, Valerie Youth walks in on them making out. When Martine's father, Darwin Youth, dies and she begins to pull away from Johann for her mothers sake, he becomes upset.

They eventually resume their relationship. He is present when Valerie marries Ramiro Castillo Martine's new step-father. He is also at her new half-brother, River's birthday party. When they age into Young Adults he suprises Martine with a proposal, she rejects and then breaks up with him. At Faline's birthday party, they share an akward moment and then share a passionate kiss... (Cliff-Hanger)

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later it is revealed that Johann and Martine are now engaged to be married and they are living together. Five days later they marry in the park. Soon Martine becomes pregnant and eventually gives birth to their daughter, Bunny. However, Johann has begun an affair with a co-worker Jezebel Jones. He loves Martine but cannot bring himself to call off his affair.

One day as Martine is at work, Johann was supposed to be watching Bunny, but he has Jezebel over and the two woo hoo. Martine arrives home and catches her husband and his mistress, though she doesn't want to she painfully divorces him. Johann moves out. Realizing how much he hurt his ex-wife, he calls off the affair with Jezebel, much to her chargin.

Later Martine and Johann confess their true feelings and re-marry. Days later her mother and step-father pass away peacefully. Valerie is then buried next to Darwin.

Johann then tells Martine he would like to have another child. Martine is mortified by this and tells Johann, Bunny is their one and only child. Johann then begins pressuring Martine and constantly asking to woo hoo with her. She rejects his advances and tells him to stop as she doesn't want anymore kids, she tells him thay her father and step-grand-father were the same way and it almost cost them their marriages.

However, Johann doesn't relent on his oursuit of another child. Scared that he will stray, again Martine divorces him again. She takes Bunny and moves out again. Johann appologizes and tries to reconcile, Martine, stubborn as ever, rejects his appologies and cuts off all communication with him. Though Johann and Martine will always love each other, Johann decides to move on with his life and begins seeing a co-worker, Edna Mod.

They date for a while when Johann proposes. They then throw a party to celebrate their engagement. Since Martin cut off communication with Johann word didn't reach her until the day of the wedding. She makes the hasty decision to tell Johann how she truly feels. She rushes to Pineview Park, where the cremony is taking place. Just as he and Edna are about to be wed Martine arrives and tells Johann that she truly loves him and is done divorcing him for small reasons.

Edna then confronts Martine, but, Johann tells Edna that Martine is right. He then breaks his engagement off with Edna. Edna leaves, heart broken. Martine and Johann then re-marry, for the final time. After their marriage they spend their remaining days as a happily married couple as they watch over their daughter, Bunny.

Pineview: Descendants

In the finale, it is revealed that Martine and Johann are now deceased but have a grand-daughter by Bunny named Vivian.

Johann Wilson
Hi! My name is Johann Wilson!
Name Johann Wilson
Gender Male
Life stage Elder
Sign Capricorn

Spouse(s) Martine Youth (ex-wife)
Jezebel Jones (ex-lover)
Martine Youth (ex-wife)
Edna Mod (ex-fiancee)
Martine Wilson (wife; deceased)
Child(ren) Bunny Sprawl (daughter)
Vivian Sprawl (grand-daughter)

Neighborhood Pineview

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