Joanna Quarren and Jed Quarren are a main super-couple in the oringinal Pineview stories.

In the beginning Joanna and Jed are already married and have two children, a son Harvey Quarren and a daughter Blanche Quarren. However, Joanna quickly becomes pregnant again and would later give birth to their third child, Dorothy Quarren. Joanna is a stay at home mother while Jed works in politics. With Jed always working and Joann left at home with the kids and taking care of the home, it all begins to become too much for her. She becomes instantly dependant on any type of energy-booster, coffee, espresso, etc. She quickly becomes addicted to the stuff and one evening crashes, while Dorothy is left alone.

Jed soon takes time off and helps Joanna get back on her feet. She soon become ssick with the flu and tries to rest to recover but needs to take care of her children and almost dies twice (Jed saved her). She then recovered properly and she and Jed got their lives back on track. Then one evening while stargazing, Jed is abducted by aliens and later returned, pregnant. Joanna briefly contemplates leaving Jed when he comes home pregnant but decides to stick by him and raise his alien child, Zed Quarren as her own. As time goes by Zed begins to dis-respect Joanna as she is only his step-mother. Eventually thins becomes the last straw for Joanna and she separates from Jed and stays with Blanche at her apartment.

Jed is heart broken by the separation and tries to win Joanna back. He is shocked when he recieves word that Joanna has begun to see someone, Pritchard Yellow. Jed also has a slight romance with Alberta Todd. However, when Joanna is angrily confronted by a teenage Dorothy one evening she realizes that Jed her true love and they reconcile and begin counseling with Florentina Jugo, a relationship therapist. After Clara Shin's fire accident Jed retires from politics to stay home with Joanna. On his last day of work he comes home to discover her pass out on the kitchen floor. When The Next Generation begins it is revealed she lived and she and Jed are still married. They spend their remaining days with their kids and grand-kids before passing away.

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