Jezebel Scroll (nee Jones) is a sim in the town of Pineview. She doesn't appear until the Generation 03 stories. She is a co-worker of Johann Wilson and pursues him romantically despite the fact that he was married at the time to Martine Youth. She manages to seduce him and they embark in an affair. One day while Johann was supposed to be watching his daughter, Bunny, he and Jezebel were woo hooing they are caught by Martine who arrives home from work in time to catch them. This results in their divorce. As a result of this Johann ends their relationship. Jezebel is upset that Johann called their relationship quits. However, she then finds a renewed love interest in Abel Wilt, she asks him out, he says yes. He later breaks up with her when he discovers that she has been seeing Dusty Scroll behind his back. Dusty then wishes to go public with Jezebel as he proposes marriage. She, accepts his proposal and turns over a new leaf. She quits her cheating ways and marries Dusty. Dusty then tells her that he has been given a job offer in Clariville. He and Jezebl then move.
Jezebel Scroll
Hi! My name is Jezebel Jones!
Name Jezebel Scroll
Gender Female
Life stage Young Adult
Sign Capricorn

Spouse(s) Johann Wilson (ex-lover)
Abel Wilt (ex-boyfriend)
Dusty Scroll (husband)

Neighborhood Pineview

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